11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Sorry, Warren Buffett, You’re Wrong

I’ll warn you now. What I’m about to say about the greatest investor of all time is controversial… First, let me clear the air. We all know Warren Buffett is a legend when it comes to stocks. He’s made an annualized return of 20% for his shareholders since 1965. No one can match his track record, discipline, or longevity. — Stephen McBride

2. Should I Time the Bottom in Today’s Market?

Long-term investors are facing a number of challenges today. Multi-decade-high inflation is eroding purchasing power and portfolio values, and recent volatility across capital markets has made the investment landscape look perilous. During periods of intense market stress, investors may decide to “take control” of their portfolios by selling out of the market, trying to time the bottom. Unfortunately, this usually results in locking in losses, further damaging portfolio values. — Jack Manley

3. Summer Investing Forecast

Comedian Steven Wright once said, “babies don’t need a vacation…but you still see them at the beach.” With Memorial Day in the rear-view mirror, and the markets entering their 6th straight month on edge, it’s time to consider what the summer will bring. As I see it, there will be bears on the beach. But there will be bulls too. And, as always, there will be pigs. And those pigs will get roasted, as they do in any season. — Rob Isbitts

4. Mutual Funds, ETFs or Individual Stocks: Is One Best?

Recently an advisor in the field posed the question: “Which is best?  Buying mutual funds, stocks or ETFs?”  The simplest questions can often be the most complicated.  The first concern should be the client’s best interests.  How would you answer the question? — Bryce Sanders

5. How to Effectively Communicate Your Value Proposition

Today’s financial advisors face a challenging landscape, as rapid innovation, changing regulations, and heightened competition transform the industry. To thrive in today’s environment, it’s not enough to simply deliver exceptional service—advisors need to communicate a unique profile that sets them apart in the minds of their clients and prospects. — Axos Advisor Services

6. Dividends Proving Their Mettle in Turbulent 2022

One way of looking at the S&P 500’s dour performance is that finding equity segments that are working this year is difficult. Indeed, that’s the case, but give some credit to dividend stocks and the related exchange traded funds because many constituents in the dividend landscape aren’t just performing less poorly than their broader market. Some of payout-related assets are generating positive year-to-date returns. — Todd Shriber

7. How Advisors Can Modernize the Client Experience

Modernizing the client experience and the adviser experience in the world of wealth is really about how do we bring technology and digitize and automate and integrate some of the experiences that they're trying to accomplish, whether it be financial planning, could be opening new accounts, moving assets, or just the way that they interact with their advisor every single day. — Michelle Feinstein

8. Capturing Persistent Growth in Volatile Equity Markets

Growth stocks are under acute pressure as rising interest rates change the dynamics that drive equity valuations. But market volatility shouldn’t distract investors. We believe companies that can deliver sustainable growth in a sluggish economy will ultimately be prized for their business benefits and investment return potential. — Frank Caruso, John Fogarty and Vinay Thapar

9. 6 Ways to Connect with Wealthy Clients During Market Turmoil

The markets are especially difficult right now and that can cause advisors to focus narrowly on things like intraday movements and individual securities – and forget the humans behind the volatility. Your HNW clients rely on you for holistic guidance. And the work you’ve been doing together prepares them to weather volatile times like these and stay focused on their long-term goals. — Hannah Shaw Grove

10. Wealthy Investors Not Significantly Impacted by Fuel Prices

Despite the more than 50% increase in fuel prices in recent years, most wealthy households have not changed their fuel consumption practices.  According to research recently conducted by Spectrem Group with investors with $100,000 to $25,000,000 of net worth, 84% of investors indicated that they have not changed their consumption of fuel despite rising prices. — Catherine McBreen

11. Are FinTechs Being Valued as a Financial or a Tech?

What’s the difference between a tech stock and a financial one? About 1,000 basis points. Tech stocks trade on future market potential and sees firms valued for billions when they’ve never made a profit and have revenues in the millions. A financial stock trades in millions when they have revenues in billions. — Chris Skinner