11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Why I’m Not (Too) Worried About Inflation

“Wall Street climbs a wall of worry.”  You’ve heard that one before.  Inflation is one of the latest worries investors are talking about.  Although the Federal Reserve doesn’t seem that concerned, rising inflation is usually accompanied by rising interest rates as the Fed this to cool down the economy.  Personally, I’m not that worried about inflation. — Bryce Sanders

2. What To Do When Your Clients Become Complacent

The “Coronacrash” is history. The crisis, subsequent fiscal and monetary policy stimulus and vaccines have made the past year one of the most profitable and easiest to invest in. It was very difficult for anyone to not make money. And unfortunately, when things get easy, we get lazy and complacent. — Jay Mooreland

3. Market Crashes To Be Expected, Not Feared

A lot of stock market experts are concerned that the market is overheated and ripe for a new bear market. One of those expecting a bear market is Shawn Williams of Motley Fool, in a May 8, 2021, post, “A case is mounting for a big drop in the stock market.” The article cites statistics that in the previous eight bear markets before last year’s pandemic crash, the market has suffered at least one double-digit correction within three years of the bear-market bottom. — Rick Kahler

4. How To Improve Your Effectiveness With Clients

Financial advisors sometimes turn to personality tests for insights into what makes people tick. Three of the most common tests are DISC, Kolbe and Myers-Briggs. But one of the challenges of these assessments is that they require an advisor to learn a great deal before they’re useful. For example, the Myers-Briggs model describes 16 distinct personality types. That’s a lot to remember! — Ken Haman

5. Disruptive Innovation Could Be Preferred Avenue to Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing continues garnering attention and the related strategies continue capturing assets. As advisors either well know or are fast learning, this isn't a fad. It's the start of a real trend, one that some experts will be result in trillions of dollars of flows as more investors prioritize sustainability. — Todd Shriber

6. Do Your Prospects Know If You Are the Right Advisor?

Defining your ideal client starts with you and the work you want to do. Let's face it, ideal clients wouldn't be very ideal if they didn't need or value the work you are passionate about delivering. To create clarity on this issue, start with a simple question. When was the last time you were completely energized by the work you were doing? Keep that answer in mind and ask yourself if you were energized for any of the following reasons ... — Julie Littlechild

7. Crucial Stock Market Takeaways from COVID-19

This last year will forever be remembered by investors for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global stocks suffered some of the quickest declines on record, and financial advisors around the world were faced with the daunting task of managing their client’s reactions to the pandemic. — Ryan Scott

8. Insurance is Insurance Until You Have a Claim with Bobby Hotaling

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Bobby discuss how Bobby built the firm from scratch and why advisors should take the time to learn more about insurance for themselves and their clients. — Power Your Advice

9. Are the Wealthiest Investors Taking on Too Much Risk?

While wealthier investors are generally more willing to take investment risk than those with less wealth, the current levels of risk that the wealthiest investors are willing to assume may be somewhat dangerous should the economy take a dramatic tumble.  Yet the wealthiest investors in 2021 are taking advantage of the historic and robust markets and have shed any concerns about the future of many of their investments. — Catherine McBreen

10. The Number One Reason Why Financial Advisors Are Not Calling Prospects

This is a challenging time for financial advisors and wealth management. We have never seen this before, so acting on what we know and our gut instincts is a natural reaction. We sign up for webinars in the hope to change our thinking. But there is a reason why the average advisor is not calling prospects. — Grant Hicks

11. Interval Fund Brings Access, Democracy to Late-Stage Venture Investing

It's a story nearly as old as investing itself. Clients wrestling with thoughts of missing out on initial public offerings (IPOs) of story stocks such as Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and many, many more. That scenario is evolving and, for many clients, not necessarily for the better. As the tech bubble of the 1990s initially taught and, more recently, a new spate of consumer-oriented and technology IPOs reaffirmed, it's great to get on the ground floor before a company goes public. You know, be a venture capitalist. — Todd Shriber