11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. How To Deliver The "Right Advice" In The "Right" Way

Great advisers understand what they are dealing with on each occasion that they are interacting with a client, and quickly moving to the style of delivery which is going to achieve the 2 primary objectives: giving advice that will work, and advice which will also be acted upon. — Tony Vidler

2. Interval Fund Brings Access, Democracy to Late-Stage Venture Investing

In many cases, early- and even late-stage investors in pre-IPO companies are almost guaranteed to make money. Using current examples, venture investors aren't going into the red amid the recent sell-offs in names such as Airbnb, Coinbase and DraftKings – each of which has recently been pounded. Actually, it's not unreasonable to assume it's early-stage investors that are part of the wave of selling hitting these and other newly public companies. Fortunately, there are avenues for advisors looking to help clients get in on some pre-IPO action. — Todd Shriber

3. How the Roller Coaster Analogy Helps Explain Volatility

“The stock market is like a roller coaster.”  You’ve heard that one before.  It has it’s ups and downs.  The expression might sound trivial, but the analogy can help you explain lots of points to clients and prospects. — Bryce Sanders

4. The Most Profitable Company In The World

Of the largest 1,500 companies by market capitalization today, around 200 weren’t profitable during any of the last three years. But instead of punishing them, investors have rewarded them with a total market value of more than $2.3 trillion. Wall Street hasn’t been willing to attach such high market values to unprofitable companies since the late 1990s. (Even then, the total market valuation of the unprofitable companies wasn’t even half of what it is now.) Of course, if you’re betting on a company becoming profitable in the future, you’re taking a risk. — Lance Roberts

5. Are the Wealthy Ready for an Estate Tax Change?

While legislative changes are difficult to predict one of the most likely changes in the next few years will be an increase in the federal estate tax laws.  These changes are seen as one of the ways to “tax the 1%” as well as one method to reduce the looming national debt.  Are wealthy investors ready for these changes and are they worried about the impact of these new taxes? — Catherine McBreen

6. How the Pandemic Is Changing the Labor Market

When it comes to the US jobs situation, the “One of these things is not like the others” song from Sesame Street comes to mind. We have two competing narratives. Official data says millions are unemployed and seeking work. At the same time, businesses say they can’t find enough workers. A skills mismatch between the workers who need jobs and the job openings themselves isn’t unusual. But many of today’s available jobs don’t require advanced education. — Patrick Watson

7. Long-Term Impacts on Independent Advisors with Brian Hamburger

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic is something that nobody saw coming, but it is causing long-term impacts on advisors within the independent wealth management space. — Matt Ackermann

8. Exchange Right: Tax Mitigation Now, Future of 1031 for Later

Amid a shifting tax landscape, advisors have opportunities and a balancing act to conduct. The latter comes in the form of balancing clients' needs for tax mitigation strategies while maintaining allocations to appreciating and/or income-generating assets for the future. Opportunity comes in the form of advisors adding value by presenting clients with income-generating concepts with tax mitigation benefits with low correlations to traditional assets. — Todd Shriber

9. The Four Layers of Inflation

As we entered 2021, we put the pivot point of the economy and market returns squarely on inflation. An environment where inflation is elevated for a longer period dictates that changes to allocations are necessary. When the question is about concerns with inflation, there were two of the three answers that dominated the answers: “There is no inflation and we have heard this for 25 years with no elevated inflation occurring,” and “We are going to go back to hyperinflation of the 1970s and 1980s.” — Matt Llyod

10. The Speed of Advice in the Financial Planning Process

Technology is never static, especially in our current business operating environment of accelerating rates of change. As the chief tool for innovation, tech is now on an iterative journey between technologists and their endpoint clients. The goal is to continuously address challenges and opportunities as they develop and provide practical solutions that are targeted, easy to use, and faster in delivery. — Bill Hortz

11. 10 Things Financial Advisors Should NOT Do on Facebook

In 2021, Facebook now has 2.8 billion active monthly users. What’s, even more, is that there are 1.84 DAILY visitors, so as an advisor, it’s important that you are on this platform and expanding your digital marketing efforts. With that being said, there are best practices for what you should or should not do on this extremely far-reaching platform. Today, we’re sharing 10 things that you should NOT be doing on Facebook in 2021 so that you can better connect with your audience and ultimately boost your online presence. — Samantha Russell