11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. 3 Stocks Cathie Wood Just Bought at a Lower Multiple

Cathie Wood is one of the most popular investors on Wall Street. Wood is the CEO of Ark Invest which offers multiple growth-focused exchange-traded funds to investors. After delivering stellar gains in 2020, several Ark Invest ETFs are now trading in the red due to the ongoing sell-off in growth stocks. — Finscreener

2. Alpha Can Be Pursued, Just Listen to the Market

The market really does tell an ongoing story. If you look at enough charts of stocks and ETFs every week, as we do, the market sends you a message. No, this is not clairvoyant stuff. Its just a sense of how much risk is out there and how narrow the market is (e.g., are a few sectors carrying the load or is it a more widespread bull or bear move). — Rob Isbitts

3. Positioning a Portfolio for More Volatility Ahead

Market volatility is expected to remain heightened because of ongoing headwinds that include the Ukraine War and rising interest rates to combat higher inflation. How does that impact portfolio positioning going forward as compared to the beginning of the year? — Kevin McCreadie

4. Are Cryptos Actually Currencies or Just Gambling?

It’s interesting as I found two studies over the past few days that show Dogecoin and shiba Inu coins are the most popular on the net, beating bitcoin. Both reports were analysing Google Trends for searches, not acutally buying or use of crypto. Even so, the reports prove to be interesting. — Chris Skinner

5. How Do Advisors Stay Relevant During Lulls in Markets?

One of an advisors' most frustrating challenges is determining what to do during slow-moving times-- periods when a company's strategy and approach are out of market favor. We have learned that it is always essential to remain consistently visible in the marketplace, particularly with investors, gatekeepers, and financial intermediaries. — Steven Rubenstein

6. Are We in A Bear Market?

Stocks fell sharply today adding to losses over the past few weeks. The S&P 500 dropped 2.8%. Tech and small caps were hit the hardest, with the Nasdaq falling almost 4% and the Russell 2000 down 3.26%. The Nasdaq closed at its lowest point since December 2020, erasing over a year of gains. So far, this has not been a great year for stocks. The S&P 500 is down 12.4% year-to-date and the Nasdaq is down 20.16%. — Darren Wurz

7. Selling Change Inside Your Own Practice

External challenges and changes mean we are often selling change – or the need for yet more change – inside our own practices to our own people. And that becomes yet another challenge, as change is frequently resisted.  What practice owners often don’t understand though is what it is that is actually being resisted. — Tony Vidler

8. My Favorite “Bubble Trade” Today

Bubble is a dirty word. Most investors think bubbles should be avoided at all costs, but the truth is: Buying stocks in the early stages of a bubble can be very profitable. Consider the cannabis bubble. Back in 2017, marijuana stock Tilray Brands (TLRY) went from just over $20 per share to over $200 in two months! — Justin Spittler

9. Finding Purpose Within Women’s Health Research with Carrie Coghill

In this episode, Magee-Womens Research Institute & Foundation’s Board Chair and President and CEO of Coghill Investment Strategies, Carrie Coghill, sits down with Matt Ackermann to talk about all things purpose. Carrie explains her contribution to female health research and unveils how her expertise in money and finance allows her to continue growing and expanding the health and research arena.  — Invest in Others

10. 7 Rules To Manage Risk When Buying Stocks, or Selling Them

Buying stocks is easy; the hard part is knowing when to sell. I read an excellent article recently by Michael Batnickon his trials and tribulations in owning a stock. To wit: “Now let’s talk about a company that I did care enough about to buy and lost money on. What do you call a stock that was down 58% and then fell 27% in a day? Zillow.” — Lance Roberts

11. Do You Have a Disciplined Client Experience?

Recently I was speaking with a younger advisor who was laser-focused on building her business.  Her knowledge of the sales process was expansive. She had researched sales tactics, read a small library of sales books and attended conferences. As a result, she had a deep understanding of every aspect of sales from goal-setting, to activity planning, to building rapport and communicating her value. — Julie Littlechild