11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. There Is No Way This Bull Market Doesn’t End Very Badly

We remain “bullish” on the markets currently as momentum is still in play. However, we are also continually taking precautions to monitor and manage risk accordingly. For us, that means putting a spin on Warren’s quote: “If you engage in the market in an unprotected fashion, you may not want the unexpected surprise.” — Lance Roberts

2. Answer the Only Question That Matters to Prospects

The only question that matters to prospects is “W.I.I.F.M?”  The big “what’s in it for me?” question is the only question that matters when we are dealing with a prospective customer…someone who WE want to talk more to, but who doesn’t yet want to talk to us. So what is in it for them to spend some of their life to listen to you? — Tony Vidler

3. NFTs: The Wild Wild West of Investing with Ben Way

Ben Way is a well-known crypto expert and entrepreneur. His most recent startup, TokenMaker, is a platform on which users can create tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with zero code experience. In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Ben discuss cryptocurrency, NFTs, and why advisors should learn more about both. — Power Your Advice

4. How to Put Alternative ETFs to Work for Clients

It is no secret that the stock market is overheated, and clients are seeking inroads to more income. When it comes to low yields in the bond market, investors share Jerry Seinfeld's sentiment, "What's the deal with that?" Meanwhile, advisors know the "let it ride" strategy could be dangerous to their practice. And so begins the search for the holy grail of investing: alternatives. — Rob Isbitts

5. Put Chips on the Table to Talk Tech with Clients

Technology isn't just a premier growth destination, nor is it simply just the largest sector weight in the S&P 500. It's a sprawling sector home to stocks with an array of industry and sub-industry classifications. Another way of looking at the scenario is that advisors have a dizzying amount of tactical ideas to mull over in the technology sector on behalf of clients. That universe is growing at warp speed, meaning adaptability with technology allocations is paramount for clients. — Todd Shriber

6. How Data Helps Grow Your Business in the Financial Services Industry with Kate Healy

In this episode of The Data Possible Podcast, Kate Healy, board member of the Foundation for Financial Planning and Invest in Others, reflects on how the financial services industry has evolved over the past few decades, why financial literacy and education is key for grooming the next generation of professionals, and the ways measuring marketing can make a difference to an advisor practice. — Discovery Data

7. Go Ahead, Raise Your Fees!

If you’re providing great service and meeting clients’ important needs, don’t hesitate to charge a premium price for your services. To make sure this is the right move for you ... — Paul Kingsman

8. Disrupt Your Thinking About ETFs with Rob Isbitts and Samita Thephasit

ETFPortfolios.com is an investment advisory service that offers a contemporary, common-sense, analytical approach to navigating modern investment markets.  In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen speaks with chief investment officer Rob Isbitts and financial advisor, Samita Thephasit, from ETFPortfolios.com and Sungarden Investment Management about how the nature of investing has changed, and what advisors need to do to keep up. — Power Your Advice

9. Capture Generations Of Women With Your Brand

Morgan, a new advisor, had built an amazing process securing well over 40 speaking engagements and getting herself in front of more than 1000 women. While the process of securing these opportunities was a total winner Morgan and Cindy (her Mother and partner) were not able to fully capitalize on this event, that’s when they called me for coaching. — Adri Miller-Heckman

10. How to Get Booked for Speaking Engagements

Expertise alone won’t make you a thought leader. Being one requires a significant following beyond the clients you serve, no matter how many or how loyal your clients might be. But how do you take your profile from best-kept-secret to industry wide prominence? According to our study of 220 visible experts, no other technique can boost visibility as much as speaking engagements do. Close to 67% of the study’s respondents rated it the most effective way to draw and grow their audience, which explains why nearly 75% of respondents used them as a technique to promote their expertise. — Rowena Figueroa

11. Are Chatbots the Future of Financial Advice?

Artificial intelligence continues to make great progress as we seek greater efficiency in our businesses and interactions. Chatbots, a.k.a. virtual assistants, are already found on many websites as the first line of customer service. It won’t be long until they dominate customer service as they continue to learn from the millions of interactions with us humans. — Jay Mooreland