11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. The Rise & Rise of the E-Adviser

There appears to be research from larger markets such as the USA to suggest there is a new type of financial adviser out there, dubbed the “e-Adviser”, who is winning way more business than other advisers are. An e-Adviser is not a robo-adviser either….thought I would just get that one out of the way at the outset.  The e-Adviser is a tech-savvy person (or bunch of people in a firm) who are using digital techniques, software systems and technology platforms to enhance the human-to-human advice delivery model. — Tony Vidler

2. Bitcoin Failing as Inflation Protection

Bitcoin is often referred to by its supporters as “digital gold.” That’s a lofty claim considering the cryptocurrency is just 13 years old while gold has been around for thousands of years. Any asset, including bitcoin, looking to compete with gold should offer one of bullion’s primary benefits: Inflation protection. So this should be the ideal environment for bitcoin to strut its inflation-fighting credibility and perhaps lure some investors away from gold. However, the digital asset isn’t keeping pace when comes to damping inflation. — Todd Shriber

3. Goldman Sachs Destroys An Investing Myth?

Did Goldman Sachs destroy a persistent myth about investing in stocks? Sam Ro recently suggested such was the case for the “sacred CAPE ratio.” So, what is the persistent myth that is no more? — Lance Roberts

4. 3 Strategies to Grow Your Prospect List

Early in my career, I realized that to succeed you had to master lead generation and that requires that you are consistently growing your prospect list with new qualified affluent prospects who you want to become your clients. When done correctly, the results are a game changer in your business and life. In a survey of over 5,000 financial advisors and money coaches, the number one challenge was lack of leads. As the saying goes, the graveyard of failed advisors is filled with technical geniuses who failed in their lead generation efforts. — Annette Bau

5. An Advisor’s Most Underrated Asset

I could name many things they seem to do effortlessly, all of great importance. To me, their most underrated asset is discipline. They often seem to be working no harder than less accomplished advisors, and in many cases they’re not, because they work so hard to break through to this lofty level in the first place. — Don Connelly

6. The Metaverse Will Be Worth Trillions

Whoever owns those platforms will be regulated and managed, in the same way as real world money. It does not mean that they are regulated and managed by a national government, as the government could be the network. It could be a cryptocurrency or a new world currency that the network endorses and accepts. After all, we only believe money is money and has value … because that’s what we believe. — Chris Skinner

7. How to Crack the Code of Consistent Client Service

Overwhelm clients and customers with service.  It doesn’t sound hard, does it?  It’s nothing more than following the Golden Rule.  And yet… During many happy years of managing retail brokerage offices I found out that the Golden Rule just isn’t specific enough for some.  We bring human frailties to our work every day – frailties which get in the way of consistent service.  As staffs come back after two years of working from home, you may find that the old band is out of tune.  Here is way to get everyone back into harmony. — Charles Merwin

8. Signaling Your Value Through Your Fee Schedule

The majority of advisors charge clients using an asset under management (AUM) fee schedule. This is simple and well-ingrained in the advisor business model. But it presents a few challenges. — Jay Mooreland

9. The Accelerating Trend Toward Holistic Advice

As clients become increasingly technology savvy and financially sophisticated, it’s incumbent on advisors to evolve with the times. Better yet, advisors need to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the needs of an ever-demanding client base. — Axos Advisor Services

10. Empowering Youth To Clean Their Slate From Addiction with Matt Pisani

It’s no secret the drug crisis is hitting every community simultaneously, and our children and young adults are not an exception. Thank goodness there are individuals focused on driving change, recovery, and empowerment in their communities. In this inaugural episode of Empowering Others, hip-hop artist, founder, and executive director of Clean Slate Living, Matt Pisani, joins Matt Ackermann to reveal what motivated him to start Clean Slate Living. — Invest in Others

11. Are You a Professional?

Ever notice how some people look down their noses at financial advisors?  Accountants, lawyers and doctors consider themselves professionals.  Sometimes they will describe financial advisors as salespeople, as if they are on a lower rung of the social order.  You can make the case you are a professional. — Bryce Sanders