11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Bear Squeeze? Or, Return Of The Bull?

“Bear squeeze,” or has the bull market returned? Over the last few weeks, that remains the question as the market rocketed off its lows, eclipsing both the 50- and 200-day moving averages. But is it safe to chase the markets higher? — Lance Roberts

2. How Can Advisors Show they are Unique?

Among the most often asked questions by investors is: "How are you different?" It is also typically an inquiry that regularly obtains the worst answer. Too many advisors are not prepared to address this fundamental inquiry or worse, have the audacity to proclaim, "There is no other firm like ours." There is no excuse not to have a well-thought-out description about what is special about their process. — Steven Rubenstein

3. Can the World Live Without Russian Oil?

Russia’s power on the world stage is supported by its vast reserves of oil and gas. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Western countries have stepped up sanctions, including initial efforts to ban some of Russia’s oil exports. But expanding and enforcing an oil embargo will have wide-ranging consequences—on all sides. — Jeremy Taylor and Luke Pryor

4. You Have 8 Seconds To Get - Or Lose - Your Prospect. Go!

You will get or lose your prospect – your potential future client – in just 8 seconds….well, actually it is a lot less than that.  The clock is ticking…and a lot faster than you realise. In reality you have 3 seconds or less to get them to engage with you and your message, or they are probably gone forever. — Tony Vidler

5. How to Create Exclusivity in Your Practice

When it comes to getting referrals, advisors have a problem.  Clients think you have unlimited capacity.  Because your door is always open, there’s no sense of urgency to send people in your direction.  How can you create exclusivity in your practice? — Bryce Sanders

6. Is Market Timing Worth It During Periods of Intense Volatility?

Success in both investing and retirement requires investors to focus on what they can control, like saving patterns and asset allocation. During periods of extreme volatility, emotions can often interfere with this success. Despite efforts by financial advisors, investors may be tempted to take control in a way that is likely to be detrimental, selling out of the market after a significant drawdown – and locking in losses – with a plan to re-enter when things feel “safer”. — Jack Manley

7. Calling on Covered Calls for More Income

Interest rates are rising, but are likely to remain low in absolute terms for some time. Throw in persistent inflation, and the climate is rough for clients needing more income. It’s trying for advisors, too. The fixed income assets that aren’t extremely rate sensitive usually offer low yields. Alternative and fixed income assets with high yields are often vulnerable to rising interest rates. In other words, it’s hard out there when it comes to finding income. — Todd Shriber

8. Crush Inflation With These Two Magic Words

Are you feeling the pinch? Inflation is getting out of hand. I buy the same items every week at the grocery store… yet my bill has shot up 50% in the last six months. Gas prices just hit $8/gallon here in Ireland… and the cost of heating a home jumped by roughly $500 this winter. Today, I’ll show you the best way to crush inflation with your investments. Hint: You want to buy companies that possess two magic words—more on that in a moment… — Stephen McBride

9. What To Do When a Client is Absolutely, 100% Unfair to You

Do you have a client who says you should have seen the market correction coming?  Are they the same person that you told to diversify or at least to put in some protective stop orders under their FANG portfolio 6, 12, and 18 months ago? Did a client just tell you that they are not going to pay than 50bps for your comprehensive services, because they think that you, your back office, and your staff should be able to get by on 50bps? — Charles Merwin

10. Millennials, Gen Z Want NFTs in Investment Portfolios

More than half of millennials and nearly three-quarters of Generation Z are considering including NFTs into their investment portfolios, reveals a new survey. — George Prior

11. Commodities Are Ripping Higher: Here’s My Top Way To Cash In

Commodities are on fire. The price of oil has soared 43% since the start of the year. Palladium—a metal most often used in catalytic converters—has increased 28% over the same period, while wheat has spiked 39%... These are major moves. But I see commodity prices headed even higher this year. Specifically, a huge opportunity is setting up in one of the most overlooked corners of the commodity market. I’ll show you how to position yourself for this in a minute. But first, let’s look at why commodity stocks have been on such a tear lately. — Justin Spittler