11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Is Cash Really Trash As Inflation Rages?

“Cash Is Trash” is a common theme as of late as inflation rages from the massive monetary interventions of 2020 and 2021. However, is “cash really trash?” Or, does cash still provide a valuable benefit to portfolios in terms of risk management? — Lance Roberts

2. What Are the Impacts of Rising Energy Prices?

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on commodity markets, we thought inflation might finally see its peak in February. Supply chain gauges were showing signs of easing, with shipping delays poised to improve and companies showing progress on hiring. The Russian invasion then triggered a supply shock at a difficult time for inflation. — Stephanie Aliaga

3. Inflection Points When Rates Move Higher

When putting a puzzle together, one must have a reference to begin placing the pieces together. The same methodology works in the markets and economy. However, what does one do when the picture or the pieces morph into something slightly different, or perhaps drastically different? — Matt Lloyd

4. How To Get Your Competition Fired

When you think about someone getting fired or getting someone fired, your first thought drifts to them doing or saying something wrong. However, what if there was another way to fire someone without it being a negative experience? — Duncan MacPherson

5. Russia in Ukraine: How This Crisis Is Playing Out in Markets

As the world's attention is focused on the war in the Ukraine, it is the human toll, in death and injury, that should get our immediate attention, and you may find a focus on economics and markets to be callous. However, I am not a political expert, with solutions to offer that will bring the violence to an end, and I don't think that you have come here to read about my views on humanity. — Aswath Damodaran

6. How Can Poorly Designed Sales Goals Undermine an Advisor?

Among the most important task advisors face is forecasting where the company's growth will come from, and then developing a plan to achieve company objectives. While this strategy makes sense, far too many investment advisors set themselves up for failure by establishing incorrect, unrealistic, or otherwise flawed expectations. — Steven Rubenstein

7. Finding Bonds That Aren’t Heavily Correlated to Stocks

As advisors know, one of the primary purposes of fixed income exposure is to reduce a portfolio’s correlations to stocks. It’s a big reason why the 60/40 portfolio structure was a gold standard for so many years. However, the combination of rising interest rates and hot, persistent inflation is eroding some of the previously negative correlations of high-quality bonds to equities, meaning supposedly low risk fixed income instruments are reducing risk in client portfolios as those bonds have in years past. — Todd Shriber

8. Why The Human Touch Matters in Client Relationships

“You reached out via LinkedIn.  I was impressed by that.”  On Monday, March 7th I had coffee with a chef I first met through the historical society.  He went to the Lake District in England to run a restaurant, then to Puglia in the heel of Italy.  He kept his home in town and we got together upon his return.  Why did we meet up after many years?  It was the human touch. — Bryce Sanders

9. 5 Financial Advisor Prospecting Ideas to Grow Your Business

Prospecting can make or break a company as finding clients is crucial to keeping a business afloat. Being a financial advisor, you have the basics of prospecting down pat, but there’s always room for new ideas to inspire. Read on to discover 5 prospecting ideas you can use to grow your business. — Samantha Russell

10. The Key to 5X-ing Your Money in the Market

Fact is, making 5X your money or better on a single stock isn’t easy. Today I’m known for my ability to consistently recommend microcaps that multiply my readers’ money. But like most rewarding things worth doing, it took a lot of hard work to develop this skill. I’ve honed it over tens of thousands of hours of financial analysis and real-world investing. And truth be told, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes! — Chris Wood

11. How CPAs Can Find Their Best FA Match

For certified public accountants (CPAs) who are looking to align themselves with a financial advisor, it can feel akin to putting out a dating ad in the newspaper. But a hypothetical dating ad might be a helpful way to think of the process, to an extent. This is a partnership that you are entering into, after all, and hopefully it will be a long-term and fruitful one for both parties. — Andree Mohr