11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Why Isn’t Everyone Rich?

“I don’t need you.”  When you look at the Ibbotson mountain chart, it’s obvious the stock market has performed well over time.  Discount brokers, no load mutual funds and index funds have been around for a long time.  So why isn’t everyone rich?  How does an advisor add value? — Bryce Sanders

2. Assessing Bitcoin's Role in Portfolios, Store of Value Traits

Bitcoin recently entered the $1 trillion in market capitalization club – lofty territory occupied by just a small number of U.S. equities. Even with that ascent, some familiar questions still burn for the largest cryptocurrency. With digital assets, volatility should not be ignored, but two of the big issues for advisors to consider when discussing bitcoin with clients are its chops as a store of value and how much of a role it should play in portfolios. — Todd Shriber

3. Inflation Is Coming for Your Wealth: Here's What Investors Can Do About It

Inflation is back on investors’ minds lately, and some may be wondering how to position their portfolios to confront this potential new scourge. It’s been many years since skyrocketing prices have been a real concern, but there are a number of inflationary pressures in play right now, both near-term and long-term, that investors should have on their radars. — Frank Holmes

4. Why Are Wealthy Investors Relocating?

Forty-five percent of investors indicated they were moving because of the tax environment.  The states that were impacted dramatically by the SALT increases during the last administration (such as NY, IL and others_ have been seeing more households abandon their states in the past few years than others.  While the current administration plans on eliminating the SALT restrictions, it's not clear that states like IL and NY will be welcoming to wealthy investors (only to wealthy politicians). — Catherine McBreen

5. Why The Economy Will Run Hot, Then Crash

The expected “sugar rush” from more stimulus is why the economy will “run hot” then crash. As every parent knows, giving a child too much “sugar” leads to a “rush” of energy. Then comes the crash, where you find them in some odd place taking a nap. — Lance Roberts

6. ETFs: Always Check Under the Hood

ETF investing has revolutionized wealth management largely for the better.  Clients are no longer paying so many excessive fees for transactions, Advisors can adjust portfolios intraday, and there are thousands of new investable securities to give your clients an advantage.  One suggestion that will better align your investments with your goals and your clients’ investments with their goals is to check under the hood of the ETF: ALWAYS check the underlying holdings of the ETF.  — Jesse Witkowski

7. Your Single Biggest Client Experience Challenge

There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of advisors share a common goal.  They want to deliver a client experience that is deeply engaging for their clients. But the last year has put a spotlight on a challenge of rather epic proportions.   We all understand that things have changed.  However, it’s not just that client needs have changed, it’s that they are changing. Those needs, challenges and concerns are fluid. It’s not only that client needs have changed, it’s that client needs are changing. — Julie Littlechild

8. Can You Hold My Attention? Chris Dudley & Detlef Schrempf

Basketball is one of my passions, so recording this episode was a blast! Chris Dudley & Detlef Schrempf played a combined 32 years in the NBA, and have chosen financial services as their second career. The lessons they share from their experiences are timeless, and apply to each of us and the role we play on our own personal teams – both in the office and at home. Of course, I couldn’t resist sneaking in a little fun and asking them to pick their ultimate basketball teams. Be sure to listen to the end to hear their selections! — Derek Bruton

9. Democratizing Access to Alternative Investments with Perrin Quarshie

​​Perrin Quarshi is the Founder & CEO of RealBlocks, an online platform that provides access and liquidity for alternative investments. RealBlocks democratizes access to alternatives by lowering the required minimum investment amount, providing international access, and allowing for investor liquidity via secondary trading. — The Power Your Advice Podcast

10. The Power of Setting Audacious Goals

Tim Scannell explores the power of aiming towards the highest goal possible and talks about how audacious goals instill an incredible sense of perseverance and focus in you. He also shares several tips on developing a set of activities and intermediate goals that guide you along your journey! — Timothy Scannell

11. 5 Basic Website Metrics Every Financial Advisor Should Track

If you're looking to measure the success of your website, what KPIs should you be looking at? Furthermore, what would the typical KPIs be for a financial advisor business? Twenty Over Ten, Chief Evangelist Samantha Russell provides answers. — Samantha Russell