11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Believe It or Not, Bitcoin Hype Isn't Out of Control...Yet

It's hard to say this about Bitcoin, particularly following a day in which the largest cryptocurrency hit an all-time, but data say what the data say. The data confirm Bitcoin hype isn't at manic levels. At least not yet. — Todd Shriber

2. 3 Stocks with GameStop Profit Potential

Rocket is a pioneer in the mortgage lending business, holding a 10% market share. But since its 2020 IPO, this app-based lender's stock has moved sideways. At the same time, short interest as a percentage of float has risen to 36%. — Robert Ross

3. Millennials Will Propel Stocks Higher For Years

Young investors piled into stocks like never before in 2020. Online broker Charles Schwab gained a record 4 million new clients last year. More than half of these new investors are under 40. In fact, Americans opened 10 million new brokerage accounts in 2020. And more than half of them came from millennial favorite Robinhood.  As you may know, Robinhood is a disruptor in the world of finance. It pioneered zero-fee trading. And its smartphone app allows you to buy and sell stocks at the swipe of a button. — Stephen McBride

4. How to Create a Need for Retirement Planning

“Old school works.”  If you are fan of the CBS series NCIS you’ve likely heard the quote.  Many prospects and clients think retirement is something in the distant future.  The pandemic has gotten people focused on the uncertainty of life and employment.  How does the advisor create a need? — Bryce Sanders

5. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness Of Crowds

No matter where you look in the market, there are signs of exuberance. As discussed previously, stock market bubbles are about psychology. Throughout history, bubbles are a function of the extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds. — Lance Roberts

6. Inside the Mind of the Short Seller

Short sellers operate with this mindset: based on their analysis, they believe that a stock selling for $X a share is truly “worth” much less than that. If they are correct, they cannot profit from that by buying the stock. And if they do nothing about it, they miss an opportunity to capitalize on their research. — Rob Isbitts

7. The Best Value Add You Can Deliver as a Financial Advisor

Let’s face it, in todays world time is more critical than ever to successful wealth professionals. How can you deliver more value and spend more time with your ideal clients? How do you find more time to deliver more value? — Grant Hicks

8. Was 2020 Historic for All the Right Reasons in Wealth Management?

Matt Ackermann is joined by Mark Bruno from Echelon Partners and Integrated Partners own Robert Sandrew. Together they review how COVID has impacted the wealth management industry and what the future may look like for the industry. — Matt Ackermann

9. The Opportunity in the Multifamily Real Estate Sector with Ernest Johnson

Ernest Johnson is a Partner and an Executive Managing Director with ApexOne Investment Partners, a privately-held real estate investment firm and fund manager that identifies, acquires, enhances and operates multifamily real estate across the country. He focuses on capital markets, investment strategy, financial administration, and investor relations. — Power Your Advice

10. What Are Financial Advisers Not Good At?

So what are we to make of the fact that the industry says too few are engaging with us, yet the actual experience of the consumers is that the overwhelming majority  are experiencing significant changes in their lives that would appear to warrant some professional advice in many cases? — Tony Vidler

11. How Advisors Can Dominate SEO With Content

The road to effective financial advisory search engine optimization (SEO) travels through content. Without content targeted to your growth audience, you’re reliant on your website to support your SEO.  — Amy Buttell