11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. A 50-Percent Decline Will Only Be A Correction

A 50-percent decline will only be a correction and not a bear market. I know. Right now, you are thinking, how could anyone suggest a 50-percent decline in the market is NOT a bear market. Logically you are correct. However, technically, we need an essential distinction between a “correction” and a “bear market.” — Lance Roberts

2. How To Become an Advisor for Life

Advisors often get asked by clients, “What will happen to me when you’re not around?” If you don’t have an answer to it, it’s a sign to start your succession planning. — Duncan MacPherson

3. For Advisors, Model Portfolios Matter

Many advisors are already deploying model portfolios, whether it be of the mutual fund or exchange traded fund variety, in their practices. Model portfolios are a boon for advisors looking to streamline operations and spend more time building practices while focusing on other offerings, such as estate and tax planning and more. Data confirm model portfolios are resonating with registered investment advisors (RIAs). — Todd Shriber

4. Focus to Build a Future-Ready Practice with Anand Sekhar

Anand Sekhar is the vice president of practice management & consulting for the Fidelity Institutional® group inside Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Institutional is focused on helping advisors build successful, future-ready businesses. — Power Your Advice

5. Why Nobody Is Engaging With Your Content

The problem with the name "social selling" is that people think that this is selling on social. All these pitches that you get on social are not social selling, they are spam. The other thing you need to know about social selling is that this isn't about "putting out some videos" or "putting flowers on your profile" or "going viral" this is about revenue, EBITDA, you winning business from the competition and having a competitive advantage. — Timothy Hughes

6. Addressing “This Time It’s Different”

The stock market has been volatile lately.  This isn’t the first time.  Because we have enjoyed a long bull market, there are some investors who have never seen a down market before.  People often panic, thinking the end of the world is at hand.  How can you talk them off the ledge? — Bryce Sanders

7. Is Bitcoin the Modern-Day MySpace?

Over the past few years Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced significant moves to the upside and downside. This volatility is likely to continue, but we are too early in the game to name an eventual winner. — Jay Mooreland

8. Working With Affluent Women

Today, you will learn the formula for success serving the affluent women and couples market. Early in my life, I became fascinated with the lives of the affluent. I began researching them to determine the secret of success. I discovered a formula that governs the results we get in business, life, and money. — Annette Bau

9. Value Stock Funds Are Lacking Value

Proctor & Gamble (PG) is a conservative and highly regarded consumer staples company with a 180-year track record. The company produces many globally admired consumer brands, some of which we share below. Does being a great company with financially conservative values make PG a value stock? It is tempting to answer yes, as most large-cap value stock funds hold a sizeable stake in PG. — Michael P. Lebowitz

10. How to Measure Your Practice Profitability in Six Easy Steps

Client loyalty, retention and growth are critical to practice success. Each client loyalty component can bring value to the client and value to the practice in terms of retention and growth. It also costs you (and your team) time. You need to be in balance for an efficient and effective financial advisory practice. — David Leo

11. My Top “Out of the Box” Idea

Is it time to buy the dip? After all, the stock market has been a sea of red lately. Many former highflyers are down 50%... 60%... even 70%. That has many investors salivating to buy “cheap” shares. And I get it… Buying the dip can be a great money-making strategy. But I don’t think that’s the play here. — Justin Spittler