11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. Why Affluent Women Fire Their Advisors

Let’s face it, most financial coaches, advisors, and money managers want to serve more wealthy clients. The first step is to get them to hire you. The next step is to retain them and get referrals from them. Learning what to avoid so you don’t lose your affluent clients is a critical step to growing your advisory or coaching business while serving more wealthy clients. — Annette Bau

2. Portfolio Adjustments Can Lead To Referrals

Are you making portfolio adjustments in response to changing market conditions? They can help you attract more referrals. Providing clients a timely bit of news can be a reason to talk about you. Studies of referral behavior indicate that the most frequent reason clients provide referrals is because a friend explicitly asked for one. The second most common (and maybe the best) is because a friend described a need that they recognized their advisor could solve. But there’s another reason clients might talk about you. — Stephen Wershing

3. Finding Profitable Growth in Shaky Markets

After several years of exceptional returns, fear of rising interest rates has recently shaken confidence in high-growth stocks. But US companies offer innovative businesses and excellent growth prospects and are not all created equal. By striking a better balance between growth and profitability, investors can find promising portfolio candidates with more attractive risk and reward profiles. — Vinay Thapar and John Fogarty

4. Climate Change Investing Continues Coming Into Focus

In mainstream circles away from financial markets, climate awareness has been on the rise for decades  so it was only a matter of time before Wall Street got in on the act. Evolution in this space is a positive for advisors because with climate change commanding so much attention in media and political circles, more clients are looking to express related values in terms of direct investing. Based on last year's record pace of inflows to funds focusing on sustainability, clients want access to climate-aware strategies and evolution is necessary to meet that demand. — Todd Shriber

5. "We’re In An Epic Bubble"

Given the importance of “financial stability“ to the Federal Reverse, I suspect they will abandon their inflation mandate to support the financial system. However, given the extreme buildup of debt and leverage in the financial system, a correction can quickly get out of their control. The resulting damage to the credit, financial, real estate, and labor markets will send economic growth plummeting too quickly for them to bail out. — Lance Roberts

6. Top 10 Conferences for Financial Advisors in 2022

An Event Trend We Love to See. The more good that an event can do in our communities and throughout our country, the more we can get behind it and recommend it.  It’s a trend we’re seeing develop throughout conferences, and we hope to see it become even larger in the years ahead. — Johnny Sandquist

7. Why ‘The Only Statement’ Is the Best Way To Claim Your Competitive Advantage

Perhaps you’ve got an incredible product portfolio built on an amazing technology platform and believe that the potential for revenue growth is staring you in the face. The truth of the matter, however, is that if you can’t answer this question, your growth intentions will never be realized. “Why should I do business with you and not your competition?” is the killer question faced by every organization. — Roy Osing

8. The Right Way To Play Climate Change (Not Green Energy Stocks)

The climate change money continues to pour in… Two weeks ago California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a $37 billion budget to fight climate change. The six-year plan is mostly focused on green transportation and cleaner energy. And that’s just the latest news… In November, Reuters reported that “banks, insurers, and investors with $130 trillion at their disposal pledged to put combating climate change at the center of their work.” $130 trillion! — Justin Spittler

9. The Marketer’s Dilemma: Acquisition vs. Retention

Should acquisition vs. retention really be a dilemma? Can’t there just be a balance between the two? Must one outweigh the other? Companies have long been pouring disproportionate resources – human, time, effort, capital – into the top of the funnel, on attracting and acquiring new customers, while retention efforts have gotten little more than loyalty programs and discount offers. — Annette Franz

10. Will the Sell-off Continue to Drive Markets Lower?

The sell-off in the equity markets intensified in the last week that ended in January 21, 2022. Major indices including the NASDAQ, S&P 500 (AMEX: SPY) and Dow Jones are currently down 14.1%, 8.3% and 6.6% from all-time highs, at the time of writing. — Finscreener

11. How to Identify Profitable Clients

Know who contributes to your profitability by conducting a detailed assessment of your book and your clients. We describe exactly how to formally segment your book, analyze the results, and develop a structured client contact plan. — David Leo