11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. What Financial Advisors Can Learn From the 2020 Mergers and Acquisitions Landscape with Mark Bruno

Mark Bruno, managing director at ECHELON Partners, discusses ECHELON’s recently released 2020 RIA M&A Deal Report and key trends and predictions we should know about as we head into 2021. — Discovery Data

2. Yes, There Is A Stock Market Bubble

As we enter 2021, there are two myths told to investors to support the bull market narrative. The first, as we debunked recently, is that low-interest rates justify high valuations. The second is that since valuations are not as high as the “dot.com” crisis, there is no “stock market bubble.” — Lance Roberts

3. Two Low-Risk Ways to Profit from Bitcoin

Warren Buffett famously referred to Bitcoin as "rat poison squared." The Oracle of Omaha might never own the King of Cryptos. But even he has to admit that it is charting a path higher… one that is as unique as the asset itself. — Robert Ross

4. Five 2021 Technology Predictions

I was looking for any decent reports on the big tech trends for 2021 and first of all  stumbled upon an interesting report from 2017. This was for the World Economic Forum, who surveyed 800 experts on their views of the key technologies for the future, and found seven major areas to focus upon. — Chris Skinner

5. Sustainable and Impact Investing Is Not a Charity with Peter Krull

Pete discusses the state of sustainable, responsible and impact investing in the financial services community today. Is everyone who says they do it really doing it? How can you tell the difference? — Power Your Advice

6. How High Growth Firms Are Thriving in Uncertainty

In this new turbulent marketplace, High Growth firms have found ways to succeed. They use research to reduce unpredictability and risk. They have selected and skillfully applied relevant marketing techniques. And they make the most of their resources with sophisticated automation. — Lee Frederiksen

7. Is It Time to Trim Stock Winners?

Owning individual stocks that experience outsized gains is, of course, something to celebrate, but it also creates a dilemma for investors, i.e., when is it time to take some profits? Conventional Wall Street wisdom is of little help. On the one hand, the axiom of “Let winners ride” suggests that investors should stick with stocks that are working, while another adage, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered” counsels that getting greedy can backfire when a hot stock reverses direction. — Peter Mastrantuono

8. Three Keywords Advisors Need To Have on Ideal Client Agendas

In real estate, it is location, location, location. In practice management, it is process, process, process. What is your process for ideal clients in a progress update meeting? How can you enhance your client’s experience at your meetings? What keywords do you use on your agenda? Instead of the word reviews, use a progress update. — Grant Hicks

9. How Can Financial Advisors Assist Women in Confronting the Challenges of 2021?

Let’s face it.  As we enter 2021 everyone is sick of the pandemic and politics.  Spectrem’s recent research shows that women are particularly stressed about the current environment.  While many women are working from home, the level of concern regarding the health of their families, the requirements of their job and the volatile political environment are adding to their levels of frustration and unease.  Many are still assisting children who may be attending school at home. — Catherine McBreen

10. Manage Your Clients’ Assets With Intention with Luke Winskowski

Luke Winskowski, the Head of Thrivent Advisor Network, discusses how financial advisors have responded to and evolved as the COVID-19 virus forced acceleration in all areas of their business. — Permission to Succeed

11. When It’s Easy To Forget Why Relationships Rule

We convince ourselves that all we have to do is push out brilliant content and the world will gobble it up. That we don’t need to expend our precious energy connecting to the pivotal people who make the decisions about sharing our stuff. — Rochelle Moulton