11 Most Read Articles of the Week!

1. What Is The Point Of Cryptocurrency?

The digital era has changed many aspects of our lives, transforming the ways we access information and facilitate communication throughout the world. This widespread digitalization has made its mark on money as well, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. But what is the point of cryptocurrency, you might ask? — Finscreener

2. “Passive ETFs” Are Hiding The Bear Market

That may sound like a strange statement when you look at major stock market indexes hovering near all-time highs. However, much like an iceberg, what we see on the surface hides much of what lies beneath. — Lance Roberts

3. Five Things To Do In The Next 24 Hours to Improve Your Practice

We all have good ideas.  The problem with most is that they take a long time to implement, so we lose interest long before we get the benefit.  With that ugly truth in mind, here are five ideas which you could act on today (or tomorrow morning) that will immediately make your practice better. — Charles Merwin

4. Want CPA Referrals? Do This First.

Very few financial professionals have cracked the code for creating truly productive relationships with CPAs. Most financial professionals are going about it all wrong and don’t even know it. — Bill Cates

5. Recruiting a Diverse Next Generation of Advisors with Kate Healy

Kate Healy is a leading marketing professional and advocate for diversity and inclusion – particularly for women – within the financial services industry. In this episode guest host Matt Halloran talks with Kate about who she is, what she does, and where she sees financial services going from here. They also talk about her work to attract a diverse population into our industry and some resources available to help people who want to learn more about joining. — Permission to Succeed

6. Investment Advice Is Not Financial Planning

Investment advice is not financial planning. This is an important distinction to understand when you go shopping for financial advice. Do you only need help with investment decisions, or do you need guidance on all aspects of your financial life? — Rick Kahler

7. Here’s How You Get Them to Stay

The panic has set in. Employees just don’t seem to stick around anymore. Welcome to the age of job-hopping. In November, 4.5 million American’s left their jobs (US Labor Department statistics). Voluntarily. The power balance has tipped. The age of being an omnipotent boss has died a withering Covid death. Emma Thompson’s marvelous drill-down on this topic in the New York Times, No More Working for Jerks (1/8/2022), had my hair stand on ends. Jerk behavior exists on a spectrum. Here are some of the extremes. — Achim Nowak

8. ESG Ratings Are Going to Be in Spotlight This Year

After a year in which environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds reached records in terms of population and, more importantly, assets under management, advisors can expect more client inquiries about these products. — Todd Shriber

9. How Can I Get Enough Appointments with Ideal Clients?

One of the greatest challenges in sales is to get appointments with ideal prospects when they aren’t actively looking to buy your product and service.  When you apply this universal truth to financial services you get another added factor of difficulty:  most people don’t enjoy sharing their financial affairs with people they don’t have a high degree of trust with. — Mike Garrison

10. How to Profit From 2022’s Biggest Reversal

I’m kicking off 2022 with a big call… One of the longest-running disruptive trends is set for a surprising reversal this year. This trend sits at the center of one of America’s largest and most important industries—autos. Everyone from Ford to GM and Tesla will soon be talking about it. It will be plastered on the front pages of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal too. Yet virtually nobody has a clue this reversal is coming. I’m betting this will become one of 2022’s biggest investment stories. And today I’ll show you the one stock set to make a killing from it. — Stephen McBride

11. WHERE Do You Add Value?

In the continual search for differentiation strategies and creating a strong sense of “value received” by clients one of the ways to think about how to stand out is to consider where you choose to try and add value in the prospects buying path. — Tony Vidler