The Two Checks You Need in Retirement

Having a guaranteed lifetime income (your paychecks) during retirement can help you cover your basic living expenses, so you can focus on what’s left — the playchecks.

In this episode, J. Barry Watts speaks with retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Tom Hegna, who is now a retirement expert, best-selling author, public TV host and international speaker. Together, they share ways to build reliable sources of retirement income and minimize risk. 

Colonel Hegna discusses:

  • Key takeaways from his books “Paychecks and Playchecks” and “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!”
  • The benefits of insurance (and why people should not see it as something negative)
  • How insurance companies differ from banks (in light of the Silicon Valley Bank fiasco)
  • Why retirees should always consider long-term care in their financial plan
  • And more

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