The Conversation About Healthcare Advocacy with Dianne Savastano

The healthcare system can be difficult to navigate—between the technical terms, the insurance and the after care for patients. Healthcare advocates offer support as they guide you down the path to making the best decisions for you.

In this episode, Peter Raskin is joined by Dianne Savastano, founder and principal of Healthassist. Dianne shares her personal experience as a healthcare advocate and as someone who has used the same tips she gives to others. Dianne provides examples of how healthcare advocates can be a benefit to anyone at any point in their life.

Dianne discusses:

  • Why there was a need for healthcare advocates in the market
  • The importance of having a care partner when visiting your physician
  • Her personal experience as a healthcare advocate and as an individual who utilizes the services
  • The future of healthcare advocates
  • And more!

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