Nine Incentives to Give Your Employees

If you are the manager of a company, it's a good idea to give your employees rewards for exceeding expectations, as doing so has many benefits. It ensures the workers will stay committed to giving a quality performance while also showing that you value their presence in the company. Incentives can range from small rewards to larger benefits, but regardless of what the reward is, giving something back to your employees for a job well done is always encouraged.

Here are nine incentives you can give your employees that they will appreciate and have fun working towards:

1. Travel Benefits

When the time is right, taking a trip can be a great reward for anyone. Whether you offer a discount on plane tickets or even give something as luxurious as an Alaska cruise, having a trip to look forward to is a great motivator for solid, dedicated work.

2. Food

Food brings everyone together. For employees that do an exceptional job, bring in some celebratory food for the office to share, such as cake, pizza, donuts, or whatever is the employees' favorite. Getting enough for the office will also build a sense of community in addition to encouraging others to work hard.

3. “Employee of the Month” Award 

Highlighting the most valuable employee of the month doubles as both a flattering reward and a way to generate healthy competition and increased productivity. As a benefit to this title, you can throw in a small reward such as a gift card or another kind of bonus to add more motivation towards achieving the role.

4. A Public Thank You

If you send out a weekly email to the company, having a personalized highlight of an employee who put in a good amount of work is a nice form of encouragement. You can showcase this employee in the email and write a personalized thank you message to show your appreciation for a job well done. This also shows that you value and acknowledge each and every one of your staff members.

5. Paid Time Off Work

A great way of rewarding hard work is some paid time off. Let your employees relax a bit by giving them extra vacation days that they can use at their leisure. You could also allow employees to leave work early on any day of their choosing. A nice break is an easy incentive that everyone appreciates, and gives employees motivation to work towards.

6. Movie Tickets

If you have employees that love to go to the movie theater, free movie tickets make for a great reward. Two passes for a movie make for an easy and always appreciated reward for movie lovers.

7. An Office Party

Let your employees know you appreciate their hard work by giving them a party in their honor. This is a way of showing appreciation for the whole staff and not just an individual. It is a fun way of building a sense of community among the office, as well as encouraging socialization. It's a fun experience to make your company a pleasant place for everyone to work.

8. A Personalized Thank You

Everyone loves to feel acknowledged and appreciated. When thanking an individual for exceptional work, take a moment out of your day to thank this employee one-on-one, citing specific areas and moments that personally impressed you. Getting that small but significant encouragement and gratitude is enough to make anyone feel valuable and is a great way to boost someone’s spirits for the day.

9. Free Lunch

A free lunch can be given to an individual or a team that did a good job. Whether you take them out to lunch or have the food of their choice catered, a free lunch is always appreciated.

Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done. Giving employees something to work towards will increase productivity and appreciation among your staff.

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