How You Can Become a More Productive Employee

Perhaps you've thought about ways you can climb the ladder at work or get recognition as an outstanding employee. Maybe you're thinking of moving to another company, but you want to demonstrate how valuable you are through your previous work. If you want to be seen as a more productive employee, follow these tips to help you get ahead.

Take Classes That Can Help

Perhaps you already know a lot of Excel, but you want to brush up on Access, or another similar program. Or maybe your company is getting a new program that you'll be using on a daily basis, and you want to feel more confident with it. Think about taking classes, either in-person or online, that can show you the program in greater detail and help you understand how to manage it. Taking initiative in this manner can help impress employers and make using new programming less intimidating altogether.

Consider Getting Certified

If you already handle a specific type of job or skill set, such as project management or working with AI framework, but you aren't certified, now is the time to do so. Certifications are a universal way of demonstrating your knowledge and can be helpful in not only proving your skill level but also in getting paid what you are worth. Getting certified can help you as you try to expand your skill set. Not only that but if your employer can reach out to you for certain types of work rather than going to a contractor or other outside source, this makes their job easier as well since there's no need to hire an additional person. Getting certified and demonstrating your abilities in a measurable way is helpful in becoming more productive as an employee who seeks to show their worth and value in the workplace.

There are plenty of online resources available to get your certification. This is a great option for employees who now work from home due to Covid-19, and want to brush up on their skills or learn new ones.

Eat That Frog

While it might sound funny, eating the frog is just another way of saying you should tackle the most difficult thing you are going to focus on first. Doing the hardest thing on your to-do list first is helpful in starting your day productively. It achieves something tricky, it gives you something tangible to go by, and it shows you aren't afraid to take initiative. If you have the type of work setting where your manager regularly checks in on you, handling work in this manner is sure to impress them in your abilities to get things done as efficiently as possible. Using the Eat That Frog method is helpful for anyone who tends to procrastinate and has a lot to get done.


If you're looking for ways to be a productive employee, check out these ideas. Take classes that can help you brush up on skills you currently use or will need to use at your job. You'll feel more confident in what you are doing and your employer will be impressed with your efforts. If you aren't already, think about getting certified. This is useful for different skills, like project management and working with different programs. Finally, start tackling the most difficult thing on your to-do list, also known as Eat That Frog. This shows you aren't worried about jumping into something, even if you know it will not be easy. Working on something difficult can be useful in having a productive day and make it easier for you to feel accomplished and motivated enough to get other things done.

Working to better yourself at your job can always be difficult if you're not sure where to start or what to work on. These ideas can make it easier to spend your time in the most meaningful way possible while receiving recognition for your efforts.

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