Why You Need to Be the Change Agent

Sales techniques are essential when it comes to resolving problems. Most people will complain about a problem and let it be known how badly they are affected by it. But few will step up to help resolve the issue. It’s easier to rehash the issues with others and do nothing than to figure out what you might fix.

The widespread sentiment, when I was young, was for women to not look for love but to marry the men with money. It did not make sense until I began my sales career. The base salary offered was an insult. The advice of a peer was risky but worthwhile. I took 100% commission figuring I would just make money on my own. And I did.

Ironically, the Sales Manager complained that I was making more than him. And so it went, every job, starting over year after year. The 100% commission saved the day in my case. But most positions are not sales oriented and do not offer that possibility.

Recently, I read a statement written with anger that women only want money from a man. The reality is that’s not all they want; most want loyalty, a family, and to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is fairytale talk for most. The fact is women are left for a variety of reasons with the need to feed and care for the children. Once again, low pay, zero equality, and people are left undernourished.

Regarding the written statement, I suggested it’s an excellent starting point to take the lead, and become the activist on this issue. A male leading the charge on behalf of women will have heads turning.

Be the Change Agent

  • Fight for equal pay
  • Become a spokesperson on behalf of women
  • Do the research, create the plan
  • The Business Approach

    As an employee or an entrepreneur, the norm is to stop everything when one sees a problem. The typical questions to resolve are the ‘how, when, where and why.’ Once people come to an understanding, then an agreement may be found.

    One example is when a proposal is shot down, a debriefing is usually requested. Without argument, questions are asked as to where the presenter erred, what was misunderstood, and how improvement may be made for the next time. Working to the benefit of finding a solution quiets everyone’s nerves, and slowly but surely enthusiasm picks up once again.

    Most everyone has something they would like to see improved. What is your sore point, and is the time now to take action?

    The plan:

  • List all problems related to the main issue.
  • Prioritize the list and the fixes required.
  • Begin with the easiest fix and work your way through all of it, and enlist help as needed.
  • Share your ideas with peers. Seek out those who might pitch in if a big project. Write about your project, promote it, and encourage others to take on the challenge. In the end, you will come out seen as an admired leader. Helping people is the most rewarding approach to business and life.

    Sales Tips

  • Never remain in your comfort zone.
  • Challenge yourself to learn.
  • When a problem arises, figure out if a solution is in the making.
  • List all the consequences due to the problem.
  • Consider why the problem needs attention.
  • Formulate what needs to be put into action along with the how and when.
  • Create milestones to achieve on the way to the end goal.
  • Establish baby steps to ease the burden.
  • Get a team in place to help.
  • Celebrate Success!