Why It's Never Too Late for Advisors To Elevate!

We’re at the beginning of September and I hope you are enjoying your summer.

As we’re getting ready to rockstar our way into the coming months, I thought I could provide some inspiration by sharing a bit of my story. I am not an overnight success. Like most advisors, the first 3-5 years of my career was a battlefield and I was struggling to survive. Then came a point when I started to figure things out.

I shifted onto the next level and for 20 years I settled in my comfort zone. But on my 25th year anniversary as a coach, I had a realization.

If you are not striving for things, then you’ll be stuck until it gets boring. So are you going to just hang in there and hope for “good enough” or are you going to elevate?

Watch this video to discover why it’s never too late to elevate and why your last day in this career should be your strongest day as an advisor.

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