Why Critical Thinking Must be Out of The Office


This past weekend, we went to Winter Park, Florida where I spent some time walking around and thinking, and I had a profound realization. So let’s have a conversation on why it’s essential to do our critical thinking outside of our tactical environment.

Let me share with you the story of how I made several breakthroughs for my business while I was having renewal time.  And hopefully, this would inspire, motivate, and influence you to take your strategic, creative, and exponential thinking to a whole new level.  

I also talked about:

  • (03:31) What you need to do to have breakthrough thinking
  • (03:44) What happens when advisors are so focused on their to-do list
  • (09:21) The two places where I found my biggest breakthroughs in the last five years 
  • (09:59) Why do most advisors find it hard to figure out what their next pivot is?

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