Why Advisors Should Never Offer a Free Financial Consultation To Women

Women don’t want to be pushed or cajoled into a meeting, they want to know what is the purpose for the meeting, what will be required of them and what they will leave with.

free consultation is way to ambiguous, they don’t really know what they are signing up for much less what they will get out of the meeting and their underlying fear is that they will be pressured to sign on the dotted line. After giving a great presentation offering a free consultation may work for men but for women you will most likely be pushing them away.

When you meet a woman socially or at a networking event and you have a great conversation do you suggest she come in for a free consultation?  

I think not or at least I hope not.

When a woman shows interest in what you do whether face to face or during a seminar or presentation you should always extend an opportunity to help her take the next step but you must package it in a way that is appealing and enticing to her.

Women need to know three things before they will make a commitment to meet with you, Purpose, Process and Payoff, it’s all about what’s in it for them.  

By creating an “Appointment Package” not only will it enhance your ability to get appointments after a seminar or event you can use it whenever you are having a discussion with a potential client in a social setting, networking event, wherever and whenever.  

By being able to clearly spell out why they should come see you and then make it easy by presenting a powerful option your appointment rate will escalate and your efficiency will soar.  When you have a clearly defined process for your appointments your job gets easier and your efforts more productive.

Sample “Appointment Package” for Advisors:

The “What’s Working” Review

Purpose:  The purpose of this meeting is to identify What’s working and what’s not.  My goal is to make sure you are on a path to achieving your financial goals in the most expedient and prudent time frame.

  • Clarify your purpose for your money.
  • Assess your progress.
  • Provide 3 tangible solutions to enhance your progress.

Process:  The meeting will last from 45-60-minutes during which time will will:

  • Discuss your purpose and priorities for your money.
  • A brief review of your assets and opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities that could enhance your path to financial independence.
  • Complete and email to me in advance of our meeting:
    • “My Money Purpose” worksheet.
    • Pertinent financial statements that you would like to be reviewed (you can provide a list).

Payoff:  You will leave the meeting knowing:

  • If you’re positioned to achieve your purpose for your money.
  • If you’ve adequately protected your future from the potential impacts of unexpected life events.
  • What you can do next to enhance your financial position

As an advisor the more clear you are with the process the better you will be at articulating the purpose, process and payoff or benefit to the recipient. 

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