Which Do You Value More: Your Money or Your Time?

Certainly, you’ve heard the adage, “Time is money.”  As a business owner, you know your time is valuable and best used servicing your ideal clients.  Of course, they need your knowledge.   So, why are you struggling over back-office tasks or social networking posts that are not client-building,  client retaining-related, or fun!

The time you spend on these non-client tasks is money that you’re not earning back.  Why do you still find it necessary to do so many tasks in your business yourself?  Could it be that it’s time to invest your earnings in ways that will give you more time to develop relationships with your clients.

Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant or biting the bullet and hiring a business coach can be scary, especially if you’re on a tight budget or have limited (or no) clients.  But in the long run, hiring people who are experts in their field will make you money and grow your business.

Think of it this way: If you want to set up your social networking, how long do you think it will take you to figure out the software you need and what you want to post that will attract new ideal clients?

Let’s really get back to the basics and ask: Do you know what social networking is, how many networking opportunities there are, which ones your ideal clients use, and how it functions?

Yes, you can find excellent resources online that will tell you how to set this up, but it will still take more of your time to learn, create, and then complete than if you invested money and hired a business coach to help you map it out and a virtual assistant who knows how to use the tools.

This isn’t the only example.  If creating or updating your website gives you headaches and angina, why not hire a web designer and content manager who will do it for you after meeting you and sending questions for you to answer?  They will already know how to create the site and they’ll give you sample websites to look at so that you can tell them what you like or don’t like.  They’ll ask numerous questions about your niche, your ideal clients, and the message you want to convey to attract those clients.  You’ll end up with a professional, polished website instead of feeling embarrassed about giving someone your site to review.

Now, while your hired experts are doing their jobs, YOU can focus on what you do best: serving your clients and prospects.  That’s where you make your money, not in handling new software or creating your website.  Your clients trust you to give them what they need to solve their problems, so focus on that, your specialty, and let the other experts focus on their own areas of expertise.

Grow Your Business Quickly by Outsourcing

Once you begin outsourcing on a regular basis, even if you have only one freelancer working for you or a firm to handle the back-office work, you have gained more time in your day to not just serve your clients but to have a higher impact on their lives.  This extra time also allows for more email marketing, writing your book or signature class, or recording interviews for podcasters and other media sources.

Basically, the more time you focus on money-making tasks as opposed to behind-the-scenes business tasks, the more you’ll earn.  Of course, the biggest step to quick growth is taking action now: action in hiring a competent team, action in actively marketing your business, and action in servicing your ideal clients the right way.

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