What Will You Improve Today?

2020 has been a historical year and our Thanksgiving holiday calls for us to ask ourselves, what will you improve today?   While some may complain about restrictions on us as a society, we should be grateful for still being alive.  The bonus is in the possibility that better days are ahead in 2021.

The practice of reflection paves the way for us to give recognition to where we have erred. Diving deeper into the issue provides insight into how we may improve today.  Tomorrow is never the answer; instead, ‘today’takes the lead.  Prompt action to revise what did not work to advance more quickly takes precedence for success to follow.

Growing up, I wondered why we couldn’t all appreciate one another instead of dealing with the consistent put-downs.  To my unpleasant surprise, the same existed in the work environment. The top tier to be admired was all male; women secondary, and anyone of another culture or color remained at the bottom.  Discriminatory habits of all types put limits on what is possible.  Adding to the dilemma is that creative ideas and solutions to problems are minimal at best because they lack ‘normalcy.’ 

We are to ask ourselves, is striving to be normal necessarily good?

As a salesperson, I was keenly aware that another issue exists when we encounter administrative staff and gatekeepers.  Most salespeople apply the totem-pole syndrome to those who are not executives. Knowing first-hand what it feels like to be the recipient of unfair treatment, I purposefully chose to have conversations with guards, receptionists, and the people seemingly in confinement.  By only speaking with the executives eliminates further possibilities. My ability to meet with executives was due to the connections established during the preliminary conversations. 

Everyone has decision-making capability.

My ambition is to turn traditional thinking around to eliminating bullying, sexism, and discrimination of all types.  It was fortuitous that Rhonda Orr, CEO, BullyBuster.us, and I connected online. 

Watch Rhonda Orr give her heart-felt introduction to our motivating and inspiring conversation.

Next, listen to the full conversation as we share heart-felt stories on the BullyBuster.us podcast.

As we begin to heal from the pandemic, we can create a plan for what we need to improve today. Organizations will do well to reconsider their hiring and promotion practices in addition to the treatment of employees.  Inclusiveness and diversity are the main ingredients for a much-needed overhaul in the work environment.  Next is equal treatment as time moves forward.

My estimation of treatment includes equal pay, vacation, and opportunity for bonuses.  Acceptance of creative thought and varying ideas establishes not only a loyal staff but also a loyal clientele. 

Entrepreneurs who embrace equality will exponentially enhance their opportunities for collaborative efforts.  More so, prioritizing an action first and then listing the associated elements aligns us with similar-minded others.  As we begin to connect with a better match of people, our connections and work become more meaningful and robust.

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