What if You’re Different Than the Typical Industry Advisor but Can’t Articulate How?

You know you are different than most Advisors and you don’t want to be considered typical, in fact you loathe the typical advisory process and often try and distance yourself.

You care deeply about your clients, are highly ethical and totally committed to taking your clients on a journey that will lead to financial freedom.

You know you are different than the typical industry advisor but can’t find a way to articulate your uniqueness without sounding cheesy or canned.

If this is you, you are not alone, and yes you are different, you are unique in your desire to make an impact in the lives of your clients and it’s that uniqueness we must tap into in order to truly present your value in a way that is Authentically Focused.  

The industry has one model, it’s been the same model since the beginning of Wall Street, but it’s not a model that works for you. So what are your options?  You’ve been so entrenched in the traditional process that it’s hard to conceive another way of doing business but you know there must be a different path, a different model, you can feel it.

When you become Authentically Focused you can build a business model that is completely designed around you, your strengths, your values, your ethical standards. It’s a model that is unique to you, inspires immediate interest and feels real, good, and right.  

You no longer have to chase business, or pursue prospects in fact they start seeking you out.  Your level of confidence rises, your passion and purpose becomes palpable. You find yourself sharing your story, which automatically transforms your tone.

People begin to feel a connection as they sense you understand them. The authenticity and sincerity in your message infuses trust, the kind of trust that often takes years for most advisors to develop, and you built it in just one conversation.

You are right to feel the way you do, to reject the traditional model and seek out a new more authentic process that transforms your practice into a soulful practice, one that feeds your sense of duty, purpose while providing for those you love.

This same model allows you to attract new business the kind of business you love, with clients that energize you and fill you with purpose.  The industry assumes that when you build a soulful practice you will only attract those with few assets, ‘those that are altruistic never built wealth’, but that is far from the truth.  

High net worth clients are prospected constantly, pursued consistently and courted by every advisor they come into contact with.  No Advisor stands out, experience and credentials are simply a commodity… and then you come along.

When asked what you do your message has soul. By focusing on WHY you do what you do your words have purpose and exude integrity and sincerity.  Your passion becomes palpable. You are the curve ball they never expected because there is no hidden promotional agenda behind your response. This new approach throws them off their game, their defenses dissolve, their interest is peaked, your message is received and embraced.

To become a peacock in a sea of penguins requires some soul searching. You must be willing to open up, to be challenged. We will ask you questions you don’t know the answers to which is where we will find the golden message.  Perhaps it’s finally time to abandon the traditional path and begin to unleash who you really are, what you really believe and why this is important to you.  This new authenticity will take your business to a whole new level that feels good, right and totally you. It is the YOU, the authentic you that will attract the attention, interest and business you desire.  

You are right you are unique, perhaps it’s time to share that uniqueness in order to make an impact on both the lives of others and your future success.

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