Warm Calls Are Easier, Here is How

Making effective warm calls today is so much easier than in the past. You’re probably thinking, “How can she say that?” But it’s true.  In the past, you needed to create a script that was filled with professional language promoting yourself and your practice, in many cases, it was a mouthful, something you had to memorize.  It was impersonal and difficult to get through.  Today all you have to do is show you are sincerely interested.

Prospects are tired of the canned presentations, heck you might as well hire a calling machine if that’s all you are going to do. What prospects want is a live, warm-blooded, breathing individual who is calling to add value to their life with more interest in learning about the prospect than promoting a product.  The process is really easy, especially when you approach the call as if you are calling a good friend.

Warm call / Networking Script for Financial Advisors Made Easy:

Hey John, how is the new house?

I know we haven’t talked in a while but I wanted to reach out and just get your take on the market.  I have been receiving several referrals and investors are really struggling with this volatility so I decided to reach out to all my friends and family to make sure they were doing ok.

How are you handling this volatility?

How has it impacted your financial life?

What adjustments have you made to accommodate your needs?

You know John, based on just this brief conversation I know there are some things you could be doing that would ease your mind, better protect your assets and give you a better idea as to your long-term progress. I found it kind of ironic that I am helping so many who come to me as strangers and yet I have left my family and friends to fend for themselves.

I certainly don’t want to push you but wanted you to know that I’m here and would be happy to help or just give you a second opinion.

How can I best help you?

Your role on this call is NOT to educate, this is not when you sell an idea or a product. Your job is to ask good open-ended questions and to really listen, listen for one or two issues that are creating anxiety in the prospect.  This is what you should focus on, acknowledging their feelings, substantiate your concern, and let them know you have solutions.  The key is to make it personal while just being yourself.

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