Do You Want To Improve Sales Success?

Six recent experiences with entrepreneurs and sales representatives have me asking, do you want to improve sales success? How we work and our communication style determine our outcomes. Thank goodness the incidents all happened in the same week. Thinking positively, it’s all over for now, and may the insights be helpful!

#1. Mail Delivery

It’s a busy season, but even so, some thought is to go into the job one does. I printed a person’s address and put a return label on the back. The card delivery was to my return address. Another delivery went to me for someone with a similar name but on a different street. I put the envelope in outgoing mail; it came back again. I then drew an arrow pointing to the correct address asking the delivery person to please double check. Don’t just do the job; do the work necessary to do a good job.

#2. There Is Gold In The Investment – Or Is There?

A message on LinkedIn arrived from a new contact in the financial industry. I attempt to keep up with the latest trends. However, a note from one young person had me using his words, asking for an explanation. He suggested I get on a call to learn how I can obtain Gold at a ‘rock-bottom price.’Last I looked, Gold is bouncing around $1,500 per ounce more or less. So I used his verbiage as I replied with a question. My response was, ‘years ago; I purchased gold at $32 per ounce – is that the rock-bottom price to which you are referring?’ No surprise here that an answer did not come forth. Before making a meaningless promise, have a meaningful conversation. Sell value instead of ‘a rock-bottom price.’

#3. Don’t Be A Jumping Jack

Messaging on email and social platforms many times, leave a lot to desire. There are steps to the sales cycle. A meaningful conversation with a focus on the prospect’s situation comes first. Only then can one determine whether the solution is right and will bring value. Jumping jacks are for exercise not for fast-forwarding the close of a sale.

#4. Hair Salon Appointment

I arrived at the Salon ten minutes early for my appointment. The words, ‘you are too soon, get coffee., came my way. Puzzled, I followed orders to return precisely on time. Stunned, I heard, ‘Your appointment canceled.’ I retorted that the appointment was confirmed yesterday.And then I heard excuses that don’t fly: ‘Oh, you know how these young people are, and it’s the holiday season.’ If the beautician were not as good as she is, I would find another salon. Excuses are inferior to apologies and fixes to the system.

#5. Customer Reward

Upon searching for an internet provider and phone service, we received a decent quote. And we were promised a rebate in the form of cash added to a card for us. But upon attempting to use the card, it can only be used by their partners at places where we do not shop. Left out details discourage future business. Honesty is the best policy; people remember your words.’

#6. Social Messaging

The social platforms make our profiles and work history visible to everyone. It’s sheer laziness not to review these before sending a message. A young man offered to teach me how to sell. Demonstrate you did your homework of research upfront to move the conversation forward.

Do You Want To Improve Sales Success?

When prospects believe you value them, you will improve sales success. The direct route is to focus on your client and not yourself or your company in your communications.However, when you are reviewing how your day went, it’s time to compete with yourself by answering these questions:

  • Are my prospects and clients welcoming my communications
  • Can my follow-up improve
  • Does my clientele receive and see the value I provide
  • Am I paying enough attention to feedback
  • Am I earning repeat business and referrals, the definition of The Smooth Sale?
  • The underlying word is respect. Being respectful of others will put you ahead of most of your competition. When you put others first, you will improve sales success.

    Sales Tips: Do You Want To Improve Sales Success?

  • Always thank people for their time
  • Before beginning an in-depth conversation, ask the other what’s new or on their mind
  • Get into the other party’s space to better understand their situation
  • When a problem appears, inquire as to how they are dealing with it
  • Should ideas for a solution occur to you, ask if it will be helpful
  • Always ask questions first rather than tell others how to do something
  • Together find common ground for better solutions
  • Weigh the pros and cons of everything you discuss and come to an agreement
  • Ask when the other person would like to begin
  • Celebrate Success!