Two Stories to Help You Explain What You Do

I have a thought I want you to pass on to your clients. Tell them this from me. The only people who lose weight are the people who hire trainers. People that buy equipment and put it in a house don’t use the equipment. How many times have you seen a treadmill with a neck tie or a blouse hanging on it? You’re the trainer. You make them do sit ups and you get them on the treadmill. It’s a great analogy.

Story #1

I know an advisor who got his garage cleaned by a company called Garage Tek. He took before and after photos. His garage was a mess. Afterwards, it was spectacular. Floor was clean. There were cabinets and very little clutter left. You could eat off the floor. Bikes were hung up on the walls. He holds up those two photographs, before and after, and says to his clients, “Look, I paid a fee to get my garage cleaned, and look what I got for my fee. It was well worth it. Well, this is what I do for your finances for a small fee.”  He does this all while holding up the two photographs. He said, “It’s so graphic and people love it.”

Story #2

The second story, from an advisor I know in Richmond, is just as simple and it’s just as motivating. He tells his clients to call him with virtually any request that they might have. He wants to be a central clearing house for his clients. He wants them to understand that he has a great network of people in the area. So, he says, “Before blindly calling a kitchen cabinet company, call me. I might very well have a client in the kitchen cabinet business, or the car business, or whatever.” And he says to every client, it’s a great idea, “Don’t call Angi, call me.” I hope you love those ideas.

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