Thirty Years of Coaching Financial Advisors: Lessons Learned


Today holds particular significance for me as it marks my 30th anniversary of coaching advisors. In celebration of this milestone, I've dedicated this episode to sharing some key distinctions I’ve learned from my experience. 

My goal in this episode is to discuss two crucial aspects: insights gained from over three decades of coaching and a forward-looking perspective on what advisors should prioritize in the coming years. 

I also talked about the following:

  • (07:12) A few “near-death” experiences in my career
  • (08:26) How the advisor coaching model will evolve by 2030
  • (09:40) Why advisors are their own worst enemies
  • (12:02) Why designations and certifications will not be enough for the advisor of the future
  • (13:27) Two important majors that people must take if they want to become advisors
  • (14:17) Why advisors must be 100% future-focused
  • (18:44) Why learning something does not guarantee you’ll execute it
  • (20:01) How to get good referrals
  • (24:00) Why this industry is failure-adverse
  • (27:43) The two main reasons why advisors fail to succeed in business and life

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