The Vital Steps You Need to Keep Your Advisory's Goals on Track


If you’ve been tracking with me for the last two weeks of our goal-setting series, you have your big picture objectives, and you’ve gotten specific about the details. Today we’re looking at the vital steps you need to keep you on track.

Welcome to week three of our goal-setting process. If you haven’t been tracking with me to date, click on the links to see weeks one and two and to come up to speed with that.

We’re looking at the Distraction-Proof Pathway worksheet today. In using the Distraction-Proof Pathway sheet, you’ll see three columns. The first column is for transcribing the TARGET Goals that you developed last week. You take a TARGET Goal and put it into this column literally word for word, based upon the sheet you filled out last week.

You’ll see the middle column is the Goal-Reaching Priority column. Skip that column, and come across to the Benefits and Results. Here’s where I want you to let your mind go free. Think about what you’ll feel when you achieve that particular TARGET Goal. What will it feel like being able to take an extra four-day weekend every other quarter, when you achieve that? What will it feel like being able to do that every quarter? How will you feel when you have enough revenue where you can then hire a para-planner? How will that transform your business? What will it feel like being able to gift a certain amount of money to a cause that you love, that you care passionately about? Think about what these benefits and results will mean for you. What choices do you want available to you? How will you feel when you achieve your TARGET Goals?

Keep your mind on this point. Get emotional about your objectives and what achieving them will feel like for you. What will it permit you to do within your business? How will you be able to reward employees? What will it be like to have more time to spend with your children, with your family? Get passionate about these benefits and results!

So, just like you downloaded the TARGET Goal worksheets previously, I want you to download the Distraction-Proof Pathway sheet and the instructions showing you how to fill it out. The blank worksheet is a simple Word document. Print off as many as you like, obviously corresponding to the various TARGET Goals you have filled out.

As I encouraged you to think bigger picture with your TARGET Goals, say four years down the track, for instance, do that for the Distraction-Proof Pathway sheet. What benefits will you be able to experience if you achieve your grand objectives four years down the track? Four years goes by quickly. What do you want to have as choices and options when you complete these objectives?


  1. Click on the link to download the Distraction-Proof Pathway instructions and worksheet.
  2. Set aside some time to dream. Let your mind go and build a picture of how you’re going to feel when you achieve your objectives.
  3. Write down these details. Record them so you have can go back to them and keep your mind focused on exactly what you can expect to experience when you achieve these objectives.

Next week we’re going to bring you part four, the final of this four-part goal-setting series.

I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea then.

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