The Two Advisor Mindsets


Hello and welcome to The Magellan Network Show.  We’re halfway through December which is also the strategic planning season within our network.  And I thought that now would be a great opportunity to talk about the two mindsets that advisors have as we exit 2022 and get our game plan ready for 2023. 

In this episode, I’m going to explain the differences between these two mindsets and how they affect advisors when they go about and view their game, their business, and their level of success.

I also talked about:

  • (04:23) What’s really holding advisors back?
  • (07:23) How to get into the abundance/opportunity mindset?
  • (12:14) What’s the first step to take if you want to get out of scarcity/survival mode?
  • (13:56) The importance of having faith in yourself
  • (19:27) What advisors need to think about as they’re getting ready for 2023

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