The Synthesis of Success for Women Advisors

A couple years ago we joined a country club and started playing golf. I’m surrounded by other women doing something I love to do. I feel so natural, so comfortable, so relaxed. 

I wondered,  “What is it about this environment that makes me feel so comfortable that I can be my true self?” Then it dawned on me! This is exactly what happens when women advisors come to our coaching program. 

My husband always asks me, “Did you make her cry?” The tears often come because in a strategy session or coaching call where I’m getting to know an advisor, she immediately recognizes that she is going to be okay. She finally lets down the walls.  She sees there is a way to be herself completely as a female advisor. 

That’s exactly what happened for me! Instead of being a mom, being a coach, being a wife, being a friend, at the country club I was in a place where I could be myself.

The environment brought out my best self. That’s what I want for you! 

When you don’t have to pretend that you are this stodgy professional financial advisor.  When you can share what you doing and why you do it from your heart, it’s amazing how comfortable you feel.  It’s just natural for you as a woman. 

Think about those moments in your life, in time and even today, when you are so relaxed that you really like yourself. You really enjoy your own company, your strengths and attributes. That’s what we’re looking for. We want every female advisor to know she is funny, valuable and amazing!

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