The Power of Relationship Marketing


Today, we dive into the ‘how to’ and the power of relationship marketing to grow your funnel, leverage your time, and increase your bottom line.

Last week I shared the behind-the-scenes strategy of Rhonda Noordyk who has taken relationship and attraction marketing to a new level.

Today, I share how I and my mastermind members have used to increase our revenue from 30-150%.

Today, you will learn the best strategies to connect with ideal, profitable prospects and serve more clients.

In today’s conversation you will learn:

  • The power of relationship marketing
  • How companies like Coke, Disney, and BMW with million dollar budgets to grow their market share
  • The Valentine’s Day Marketing Ping
  • The Valentine’s Day Humor Strategy
  • The Wine and Strawberry event
  • The 5 Step Relationship & Referral Marketing Process
  • What successful advisors and consultants are doing to grow their business
  • How one advisor increased his revenue by 50% and then 80%
  • How one business owner increased his revenue by over $1,000,000 using
  • Why connecting works to grow your business and revenue
  • What majors companies are selling to grow their bottom line
  • The one strategy that works with almost every niche market
  • The ideal mix of touches to attract your ideal, profitable client
  • What most advisors miss when it comes to their marketing strategy
  • The power of automating your connections with your ideal prospects
  • What most companies do not know that leaves hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table
  • How to leverage referrals, so you can work less and get more warm introductions

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