Stop Selling With Logic

Advisors approach the sale as though their prospect’s decision to hire them is rooted in logic.

They assume if they can show a net positive benefit that’s greater than what their prospect is currently getting, then that alone will make them the obvious choice.

But it’s not that simple.

If your prospect’s decision to select you as their advisor was purely logical, then every prospect you meet would say “yes”.

The truth is there’s more than logic required here – most importantly, your prospect needs to trust you first.

To build the level of trust required for your prospect to select you as their advisor, especially when they’re meeting with other advisors, you must override your logic-based mindset.

Your work as a financial expert is rooted in logic but your prospect’s decision to hire you is not.

A purely logic-based approach will not satisfy their process of deciding to become your client.

Here’s what your prospect is thinking when you attempt to sell using logic...

“This advisor sounds credible and compelling, they seem to know their stuff. But I’m not a financial expert. How can I trust that this person isn’t just trying to impress me with their knowledge, knowing that I’m not qualified to judge them? I think I’ll not make a decision today”.

When you consider also the logistical complexity involved with transferring assets and how people are fearful of change in general, it’s unlikely that your prospect will want to upset the apple cart so easily.

Building trust is not a mechanical logic-based process.

It’s a perception-based process measured by the empathy and assurance you convey through how you sell, not what you sell.

Presenting the potential benefits of your solution (logic-based) is abstract and somewhat detached from emotion.

Understanding your prospect’s problem and articulating it back to them, so they gain new clarity and insights, is the beginning of a trust-based approach that grounds you at a more human level.

You’re building the impression that you’re more than just knowledgeable... you’re deeply interested in them and their situation, because you care.

In short, your sales approach must be oriented towards diagnosing your prospect’s problem or situation, rather than moving into solution-mode.

Logic is appropriate after you’ve made the sale.

But to make the sale, you need to know how to build trust first, a new skill set many advisors have yet to master.

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