Is Sales Really Just a Numbers Game?

The answer is yes.

And no.

First the no part: Sales is much, much more than just “rolling the numbers,” as they used to say.

Skill level of the sales rep is the most important thing; however, there are other variables like the type of lead—inbound versus outbound; the territory; existing client or new prospect; the marketing and/or branding of the company, etc., are just a few of the other factors that influence sales.

Next the yes part: Regardless of the above factors, if you’re not “rolling enough numbers,” then it will be hard to increase your sales.

All top producers I know of not only have the best skills in their office, but they also work the hardest as well.

They spend more time in the office working.

They make more prospecting calls.

They make more upsell calls.

They make more closing calls.

The key word here is “more.”

Bottom line: Once you’ve perfected your skill set, then the quickest way to make more sales is to be in more selling situations.

And you’ll get there if you’re creating more opportunities, and that means making more calls.

In other words: Rolling more numbers.

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