Practice Management Strategies for Advisor Teams Working Remotely

Financial advisors and wealth professionals who have never worked remotely will be struggling to figure it out for themselves and their teams. Here is a simple list of practice management items to think about. 

Practice Management checklist for financial advisor teams working remotely 

___ Set up your work space with minimal distractions ( easier said than done) 

___ Communicate often with your team through online collaboration, or consider using communication tools such as or  or or asking your firm for tools 

___ Maintain a schedule or work hours. It is now easier than ever to just keep working. Tell people to have a normal start and end of day 

___ Embrace your online meetings with staff, clients and prospects. I have been telling advisors to save hundreds of hours of time through online meetings such as zoom or gotomeeting for the past three years. Now is the time to implement what your firm recommends ( with compliance approval of course) or go and implement online meeting software

___ Update your technology. Look at getting a new laptop to work remotely with the latest technology. Get headphones for online calls. Noise cancelling headphones increases the sound quality and make the calls hands free

___ Consider recording the meetings with clients and prospects permission of course. This is the perfect time to improve your conversations with clients, by listening to the discussion. Trust me do it one and you will improve ! Start with a friend or colleague to test it out.   

___ Bring your team together. You can do this by having video mode setup for everyone. Go and budget for cameras so you can connect with your team online. Most online software allow for up to 25 people or more to be online with a camera. A global study group I am part of have people from every corner of the world online and on camera, from Dubai to Delhi and Denver.

___ Set up projects for your team to work on. What projects can be done while working remotely. For example your on-boarding process can be enhanced or worked on. Your meetings which may be online can now be delivered through Microsoft powerpoint, enhancing the client experience with pictures of their goals. Work on your processes. 

___ Take courses . Encourage staff to take a course or two and do some online learning. A great place to start is Linkedin learning an start with the working remotely course as a starter

___ Technology considerations. Considering improving internet speeds, computers and of course cybersecurity. Ask your firm for guidance or support on testing security protocols. 

___ Databases and data security. This should be your biggest concern. Consider updating your privacy and confidentiality forms with staff, to ensure complete confidential protection or data

___ Sharing documents securely. Now more than ever email security may be at risk. Sharing documents securely by checking with your firms recommendations or using software such as or  

___ Setting up a remote culture since you probably have never had to before. Go online or send me an email at for guides on how to set up an online culture successfully. 

Share this checklist with your team on an online call and discuss your new practice management processes for working remotely. If you add to the list, let me know, I would love to hear from you, as I tried to shorten it up as best I could. Best of luck working remotely!  

How about your goals for your practice in 2020? Practice management checklist 

While each financial advisor's practice may have a different approach, advisors need to understand where their practice needs help, and will they get the right help for the right part of their practice. What areas does your practice need help with? Get a copy of our comprehensive practice management checklist by going to our website .

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