One Email Script Can Turn a Resistant Prospect into a New Client

We have all experienced that prospect who expresses a desire and commitment to move forward but continues to procrastinate. Based on their interest you continue to follow up but get little to no response.  

You often begin to doubt your value and question your presentation skills. You leave phone messages and send follow-up emails, however, overtime you start to feel like a stalker.

So what are your options with a resistant prospect?

Do you continue to leave messages getting no response? Do you just walk away?

There are a number of authentic ways you can handle these situations.

Here is one example and helps to remind the potential client WHY they wanted to meet and move forward. Reminding them of what was truly important to them helps to put their financial affairs back on the top of their priority list.

This is a real story from a real advisor. 

“THANKS for the advice on what to say to a prospective client who was resistant to my advice. They had paid for my Life by Design Plan but had not decided if they were going to move their accounts to me.  You told me to focus the email on the benefits they would get by working with me.  Below is the email I sent. They responded the next day with the OK to move forward…. This is an 800k account!

Follow-Up Email Script to Resistant Prospect

Dear  Prospect,
I just wanted to catch up on things with you and make sure I uncovered everything that you desired regarding your finances.

The process that we went through together in our last meeting is called, YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN Plan and the objective was to create your roadmap for achieving your ideal life.

Here is a recap of the things that were the most important to you and that you needed guidance on: 

  • Work by choice: Lori being able to retire at age 62 and Rod at age 67 with an income goal of $180,000 per year.
  • Simplify your life: To consolidate all of your investment accounts for better coordination of investment planning and financial planning.
  • Protecting your wealth: Hire professional money managers to manage your money with the goal of participating in market gains and reducing the risk of loss of principal.  To strive to give you the highest probability of success.
  • Less stress and peace of mind: To continue our planning process by updating YOUR PERSONAL CLARITY GUIDE which addresses all the wealth planning issues.
  • Protect your family: Ensure your children receive any inheritance from you in the most tax efficient and expeditious way.  Lessen the effect of extended long-term care costs.
  • Protect your Legacy: Ensure all of your estate planning documents are in good order and are kept up-to-date as your lives evolve.
  • Help Family: Assist Lauren with the cost of post-graduate school.

Let me know if this covers everything and if you want to move forward.

To your massive success.

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