New Ways To Lift the Game With Consumers


Have you thought about rolling the dice and asking your customers what they would like you to provide?

In professional services we are often reasonable at surveying our customers for satisfaction and service levels, and asking generic questions about how we can improve in those areas.  More often than not though the feedback from customers is inconclusive and doesn’t really lead to innovation or substantially elevated service standards.

That is to be expected though when we are providing a limited context for the questions, that context being the existing service or advice offerings.

However, perhaps in the face of great changes in remuneration methods and volumes, or even entire practice models, we could actually ask customers what they want in the way of products or services and then figure out ways to deliver what it is the customers say they actually want to buy at a price they are willing to pay.

…and then if we can make that entertaining as well…well…that could change everything for an advisory firm, couldn’t it?

There is a major opportunity for professional service firms to investigate gamification tactics and techniques with a view to using them to find out more about what their customers actually want to achieve, and the types of decision making they want help with, and that is the subject of this quick tips video.

…watch the video to learn more… 

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