New Age Marketing and Sales Ideas

Those who are not willing to consider new ideas for business may as well revert to driving a horse and buggy. The theme as of late is that society and technology change so rapidly, each company must allow flexibility for quickly adapting to the new.

In the early years of sales, I was open to all conversations whenever invited in for an appointment. It did not matter whether we spoke of what the prospective client’s family was about to do on vacation or what I had to sell. Whatever the topic, my goal was to learn about their perspectives for improved understanding.

The unorthodox method allowed me to get into the mindset of those with whom I met. This strategy served to build a strong bond with many.

Communication Today

But communication style has dramatically changed. Younger people get their news via devices and social media platforms. Video and instant messaging are commonplace, however, it is the phones that provide instant communication with everyone.

Businesses may effectively tap into this market.

Coincidentally, an email from one and a conversation with another addressed this very issue on the same day this week

The email read, “…95% of the millennial generation want brands to court them actively… The most surprising statistics about the millennial generation: they want brands to get in touch. It shows they’re open to receiving offers, information, and inspiration…”

Moments after reading the email, Wade Pearse spoke to me regarding one solution for the new age of communication. He is passionate about engaging the millennial generation, and is willing to share his insights:

Sales and Marketing via Phone

“It is critical for businesses today to find ways to promote and sell that meet people where they are and to engage the prospects’ senses, to arouse curiosity. The sale should be more of a conversation, not just a one-way sales message. Without question, the most important way to reach people today is on their phones. It is the best way to engage potential customers/clients where they spend all their time. Virtually no-one is more than three feet from their phone at any time.”

Most people are at a crossroad knowing they need to do something different, but they quickly dismiss new ideas. Consider your habit and if you are ready to at least listen to new ideas. Upfront commiment is unnecessary, but it’s always best to know what’s available and hear the reasons for implementing each so that you may pick the best for your style of business.

As you dig into new technology, you may surprise yourself to realize it’s just what you need. And if it isn’t, you just might know the perfect person to introduce the idea. Either way, it’s a win in that you learn something new, perhaps help another and possibly help yourself, too.

Sales Tips

  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Consider pros and cons of the new methods.
  • Ask people why they chose to use a new technology.
  • Learn the benefits of new apps.
  • Think about how the new will further stimulate business.
  • Consider the additional markets you may reach.
  • Contemplate the value of reaching new markets.
  • Have a team in place ready to adapt to the new.
  • Continue to improve upon the old ways of doing business.
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!