Marketing to Women Is the Most Lucrative Demographic Since the Onset of the Baby Boomers!

Plus, the transformation you’ll undergo as you develop a female-friendly practice will bring unbelievable focus, clarity, and conviction, all of which have the power to draw better, more highly qualified clients to your business.

Using The Keys to the Ladies Room model as your guide, everything you do will become synergistic. Your process will reinforce your message, and your personal story will lay the groundwork for a fantastic client experience. Every aspect of your business will work together harmoniously, and the process of attracting new clients will become effortless.

Earning The Keys to the Ladies Room is not a campaign. It’s a transformational experience that elevates your practice to a whole new level, a place where you are not just an advisor but you’re also an agent of change.

It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female advisor. The impact is the same. Both male and female advisors can use this model to develop a new approach, plan, and process that delivers better results.

The greatest impact your program provided was clarity around who I am. It gave me a greater insight into my real calling. You exceeded my expectations, and I have very high expectations! I am not even sure if I can articulate the real value of this program. It has had a much more profound effect than you could ever imagine. I have begun sharing my new strategy, and I’ve received very positive feedback. I would recommend The femXadvisor Program to anyone who wants to market to women. ~ Amy Cole, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Even male advisors are embracing this new model and generating immediate results:

It’s the first time that I can proudly say “This is what I do…” Every time someone asks me what I do they are intrigued and inspired, and they always ask me for more information. This process works exactly how you said it would, Adri.  And when I wrote my story and began to share it with others, it had a compelling impact on everyone I shared it with! There is an immediate emotional connection; one that initiates a natural feeling of respect and trust and inspires immediate conversations that lead to more purposeful engagement. The women I speak to are immediately interested, and the men I share this with are already thinking about women they know who need me.

I’ve worked with MANY coaches from the industry, but I have gained the most focus, clarity, and direction from your program. I LOVE serving my tribal market ~ Bill Cummings, President and Owner (CFO), Concierge Financial

This model is not just about appealing to women. At its heart, The Keys to the Ladies Room is really about building relationships, inspiring interest, and motivating clients, so this model works for both men and millennials. This model is geared toward the future of the financial advisory industry, and this is the path to great success in a world looking for greater authenticity and transparency.

Women’s Wealth Specialists around the country are thriving in the women’s market! Read a few of their stories below:

  • George, a Managing Partner at The Arky Miller Financial Group, shared his story ‘why women’ to a new couple, and in his amazement, the wife leaned in and became fully engaged. This led to a $10MM account.
  • Monica, an $800,000 producer, presented a woman’s topic to an audience of 80%, which ended up generating more leads, appointments, and interest than ever before.
  • Renee, an Independent Wealth Advisor, tried her new female-focused message at a networking event, and the results were immediate and striking. This moment of truth sealed her total commitment to the women’s market.
  • Ray, an Estate Planning Attorney, opened his regular seminar by sharing his story ‘Why Women’ and got a record number of appointments at all three of his events.
  • Emily, an Independent Wealth Advisor, increased her focus on women by hosting more consistent events and even launched webinars discussing topics tailored to women. In her first gathering, she had 40 women sign up!

“I am taking a totally different approach to my business. This new paradigm is opening new doors and compelling me to do things in ways that I never thought of before.” –Tami McDonald, CFP Vice President at Columbus Bank and Trust Company