How Your Small Business Can Compete With the Best

Starting a business of your own is a lofty goal. It can provide financial freedom and, potentially, untold riches. However, small businesses have the deck stacked against them in a major way. Every company under the sun contends with a variety of potential problems around every corner, and small businesses lack the monetary resources that can insulate large corporations against the consequences of those mistakes. However, today’s businesses can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology to keep things running smoothly, and you can, too. Here’s what you need to know.


While the term is historically associated with replacing human workers with industrial equipment, automation has a more robust meaning in today’s commercial landscape. While it still sometimes entails minimizing the need for human labor, modern automation often takes the form of software and more innocuous devices. This revolution has been powered by the internet of things (IoT) design philosophy, one that promotes enhanced functionality and wi-fi connectivity. More importantly, IoT devices and software use these features to create a more convenient world for its users. The use of several devices and/or apps, users can create a smart home or smart office with automation control by voice command.

A smart office setup in your business can automate administrative labor such as payroll and data collection and organization, and this has a couple of key benefits. For one thing, you’ll be paying less for dedicated employees to fill those roles, saving you a ton of money. Moreover, this provides more expedient and accurate results, leading to fewer mistakes. There are still yet more use cases for this technology, from automating the turning on and off of lights and the limiting of water use, for example, not to mention additional benefits outside the realm of automation entirely.

Solar Energy

Another common problem for businesses is that their use of utilities is often more substantial, and therefore more costly, than that of a family household. For example, businesses tend to run every light in their building or office space constantly throughout each work day, as well as providing and powering computers for dozens or hundreds of employees. There are ways to cut down on the immense power bills that result from this, however. Foremost among them is solar power.

Installing solar panels will entail a pricey investment, especially if you include a solar battery, but that investment will pay for itself by drastically reducing the monthly cost of electricity for your business. It’s important to note, however, that switching entirely to solar power isn’t strictly necessary. Much like hybrid cars, you can use solar panels to supplement your traditional grid power until your budget can cover a sufficient number of solar panels and a battery to make your solar power setup self-sufficient. Likewise, solar panels are modular in nature, meaning that you can always add additional panels to increase your yield of energy.

Cloud Computing

Ostensibly a type of networking, cloud computing is a potent tool in the arsenal of any business. Not only does it succeed in improving the networking capabilities of a business, but, as the name implies, cloud computing revolutionizes computing as a concept. In addition to sharing files like a traditional network, a business’s private cloud can leverage the combined processing power of all connected devices. This is a huge advantage when it comes to data processing, because it allows an otherwise resource intensive and time consuming task to be completed in a much shorter timeframe while also sparing any device the burden of completing the process on its own. This means that this essential but demanding process can be completed while the standard workday continues uninterrupted.

While you may find yourself under a lot of pressure as an up and coming business owner, you can take a page from the corporate playbook. By using the latest and greatest business tech, you can shift the scales into your favor to build a business that’s here to stay.

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