How To Optimize Your Advisor Business


I've been working as a coach for almost 30 years and have dealt with over 2,500 practices. And when I look at a practice, I look at everything. I look at the owner, the leader, the team, the client, the processes, the systems, the marketing, their branding, and business development.

I realized that a lot of times advisors don't need more clients, you need more profits. And in order to do that, you need to optimize every aspect of your business to ensure that you get not only the highest and best outcome and return on investment, but the highest and best use of your time, focus, energy, and effort as well.

In this 2-part episode, I will give you tangible deliverables that you can deploy in your practice today so you can start optimizing your business.

I talked about:

  • (02:49) What is optimization all about?
  • (04:35) Why most advisors under charge for the services they provide
  • (08:42) The four domains of optimization
  • (10:59) How do you make a better version of you
  • (14:56) The 3 energies you need to run your business
  • (18:32) Why you need to consider yourself a leader
  • (25:49) The biggest thing that’s holding my clients back right now
  • (30:15) The importance of tracking your KPIs
  • (32:58) Why you need to look at where your last 20 clients came from

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