How to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar


In “How to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar,” you will learn how to identify, attract, research, and ultimately serve more ideal, profitable clients:

In addition, you will learn:

  • Why finding your ideal client is so critical to your results
  • The first thing you must do before you choose a niche market
  • The four questions you need to answer before you choose your ideal, profitable client
  • How to determine which personality you will be the most compatible serving
  • The power of research and what you need to know before you start asking questions
  • The two types of affluent, profitable client categories
  • The first (and likely most important) step you need to include in your financial advisor business plan
  • How to choose which category of affluent clients will work best for you and your team
  • The simple process for creating your game plan
  • What to do first to confirm your ideal target market
  • The first action you need to consistently take to get consistent results
  • How to use research to find out what you need to know about your most valuable prospects and clients
  • What you must do in your market research before you spend any money (this one step will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expenses)
  • Why referral marketing and warm introductions are so much easier when you are clear on your ideal client avatar
  • How to grow and leverage your referrals with this simple market strategy
  • What most advisors forget to include in their financial advisor marketing plan (this is a game changer)

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