How to Account For Growth: Transitioning From Advisor to CEO

You might reach a point in your practice when your excessive client work leaves no room to focus on future business growth and scalability.

This might be the ideal time to transition from being a client-facing advisor to a CEO who leads the company.

In this episode, Jon Kuttin is interviewed by Louis Diamond, President at Diamond Consultants and co-host of Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors. Jon reflects on his exciting career journey from being an intern in the 90s to leading a wealth management firm with nearly $2.4 billion in assets under management. 

Jon discusses:

  • How CPA partnerships can be effective referral-generators
  • What it’s like to step back from client work and transition to a leadership role
  • Valuable advice for young, up-and-coming advisors to kickstart their career
  • Inorganic growth tactics to accelerate your business development
  • And more!

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