How This Advisor Generated 50 New Clients from LinkedIn in Just 12 Months

This month's episode is complete madness! I didn’t intend to lean towards free/low cost marketing strategies for this series, but when you come across some Advisors who are crushing the prospecting game without blowing out a budget I just have to stop & pay attention.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Moshe Grunhut. He caught my attention when he stated he got 50 new clients just from his LinkedIn strategy in just 12 months. And I don’t mean him searching and reaching out to prospects… we’re talking prospects reaching out to him!

No fancy profile sorts, no cheesy pitching. I can’t wait  to implement his suggestions.

In today’s episode you’ll meet our guest Moshe and we’re digging into:

  • How does he structure his posts to capture so much attention!?
  • Tips and tricks he uses to maximize the algorithm and how to keep his engagement high
  • What is he doing differently that makes clients reach out to HIM!? And what does that conversation then look like?
  • How he’s navigated compliance to implement this strategy

So join us for this conversation about mastering LinkedIn!

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