How Small Businesses Can Grow During Covid

If you are a small business owner, growing your company during Covid has likely presented something of a challenge. However, depending on what your company offers and how you are willing to adapt, it is still possible to expand your business, even during a pandemic. Knowing what to offer your customers and how you can help them are key points to keep in mind as you make these changes. Learn more about how you can continue to help your company grow, no matter what might come your way.

Offer Online Options Or Curbside Delivery

Take a step back and look at how you are currently running your business. Do you currently offer services such as curbside delivery or the option to order online and have items delivered to the customer's home? If not, these might be areas to consider expanding in, since many people want to avoid the crowds, overspending, or simply taking time out of their day to shop when they could spend it doing something else. In an effort to social distance, many companies began offering curbside delivery, along with personal shoppers to pick and pack online orders. Many customers have found they enjoy using these types of services, and they aren't likely to go away even after the pandemic is over.

Ask Your Customers What They Need

One of the best ways to serve your customers is to directly ask them what they need (within reason, of course). It could be different hours, more ways to contact your company, such as using social media, offering helpful products, such as an IT company that offers one-on-one tech support for those that work at home, healthcare document management for healthcare organizations wishing to cut down on paperwork and encourage remote work, etc.,

Step back and examine your business, while thinking about the direction you want it to take as it grows. Consider how Covid has affected people in your area, including anyone who lives in other parts of the country that uses your products or services. Next, create a survey that customers can easily take online, promoting it with social media. Ask whatever questions you want to know, in areas you think would be easy enough to accommodate changes. This can help you get to know your customer's needs even more while working around Covid.

Find Ways To Encourage Social Responsibility 

As you grow your company, make sure you remain sensitive to the needs of your customers during this time. Adapting to Covid has not been easy for many people, coming with a great deal of loss and self-sacrifice. Think of ways that your company can help. Perhaps you might sell hand sanitizer and personal use disinfecting spray, even if these aren't among your normal product offerings. Or maybe you run a clothing store and have wondered if you should sell masks as well. These types of changes show you understand what your customers are going through and you are here to support them. Covid has given many companies the chance to look at their marketing plans and revamp them in a way that helps the customer while serving the company while focusing on how to be socially responsible.


Your small business doesn't have to take a nosedive because of the Covid pandemic. Now is the time to focus on new innovations and see what you can do to thrive in this new climate. You can offer online shopping or curbside delivery, depending on what you sell and how big your business is. The pandemic has also presented companies with the opportunity to connect with customers and find out what they need from them during this time. Finally, look for new ways that you can be socially responsible as a business, such as selling face masks alongside other types of products, all while listening to your customers' concerns. Showing that you care might ultimately be the best way to grow your company.

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