How One Advisor Increased New Assets by $80 Million in One Year


In this interview, Matt reveals how his firm increased its AUM by $80,000,000 in one year.

He shares the good, bad, and ugly aspects of growing a successful advisory practice and what he did to get the team on board.

Matt also shares each aspect of the financial planning process in his firm and how they created a workflow that allowed them to leverage their time and increase their bottom-line revenue.

Top Financial Advisor insight you will learn:

  • How to get results faster
  • Why HVAs (high-value activities) and IPAs (income-producing activities) are critical to success
  • How to communicate with the different personalities in your firm (This is a million-dollar nugget!)
  • What to do when your boss wants to grow the firm but is stuck in the “how it has always been” mindset
  • The one thing his firm did that changed their entire business (and their results, too!)
  • What to do to get more referrals and warm introductions
  • The client on-boarding process that made growth easier and more possible
  • What to do to get the entire team on board so you can achieve your goals

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