How Do You Handle Productivity Issues?

How we handle productivity issues almost forecasts our likelihood for future success. Worse, businesspeople have a difficult time dealing with stress that will negatively impact productivity.  It becomes difficult to accomplish everything within their time allotment.  Then the initial issue can become a 360. 

The stress increases as worry sets in about completing what we believe to be necessary for fulfilling our vision.  For those employed, the stress is worse due to the fear of not living up to employer expectations.  Fear then sets in about the potential of being fired.

Time efficiencies may not alleviate all that concerns us, but they will enable us to achieve more in less time.  As we become more productive, it’s easier to believe we will see better possibilities ahead. We are to come to an understanding of how we handle productivity issues.  Only then are we able to modify our habits for better results.

In addition to my need to complete a big project, two devices required repair.  And then I had to research an unexpected topic.  The icing on the cake was in having the email from two collaborative partners blocked.  All of this ate into my time for finalizing what I need.  But solving the problems came first as they would, otherwise, negatively affect my work.

I’m one who typically does the opposite of most people, and it works for me.  You may be surprised by my first suggestion:  When big projects loom ahead, do the opposite of what you usually do.  Instead of over-thinking, stressing about it, and doubting yourself, take a break! 

Why would I make the first suggestion to take a break?  We lose time anyway when stress takes the lead.  But the worst part is that we do not make the best decisions under these circumstances. Accordingly, unexpected errors are more likely to occur.   And then we go down a sinkhole of lost time and productivity.  And then more stress sets in about how to handle productivity issues.

However, as you become comfortable moving away from work for a while, time efficiencies kick in.  How?

For example, this morning, there was a small project underway requiring that I leave our premises.  The temperature was in the low 20’s outside. Being from the west coast, I put on more clothing than ever for the possibility of taking a long walk in the outdoors.  Magic happens on these occasions. 

I find that either listening to music or exercising takes my mind off what I need to get done.  As my mind wanders, new ideas come to me for completing the project looming ahead.  Upon returning, I proudly recognized having walked a couple of miles in the cold. I then returned to my computer to record new ideas in mind. Now it’s a matter of prioritizing the thoughts as they coordinate with the deadlines ahead.

Not only was I able to figure out how to handle my productivity issues best, but I also got in some exercise.  Although at first glance, it appears to be a waste of time to move away from my desk, it proves to be otherwise.

Other helpful efficiencies include:

  • Keeping a running task list
  • Having a notepad near where you sleep should you awake with an idea
  • An evening review for what needs work the next day
  • Check the messaging on platforms each evening to add possible to-do’s
  • Making introductions for others; reciprocity broadens out network and possibilities

How Do You Handle Productivity Issues?

There are stressful situations all around us that are easy to overcome.  It’s up to you to decide what is best for you.  Which actions will help you to alleviate what’s holding you back? Make a note of the time-killers to promise yourself that you will overcome each one by one.

Admit whether you have been late on projects.  Whether excuses or not, list your reasons why they were incomplete.  Now review whether there is a consistent answer or varying reasoning.  Perhaps there is a common thread that you can avoid in the future. 

Sometimes the answer is as simple as not allowing others to interfere with our precious time.  And other times, one needs to be more prudent on follow-up and completing projects as we promise.

Should you be a traditionalist, give the experiment of doing the opposite a try.  Take a half-hour or hour off to do one of the following by yourself:

  • Exercise
  • Begin a creative project
  • Cook as you listen to music
  • Enjoy nature
  • Do a puzzle

You may surprise yourself by realizing when your mind roams free, and ideas appear for your projects. It’s similar to rebooting your computer. Alone time will free your mind bringing forth new ideas.

Keep tabs on everything you are to do by using a CRM system, an excel spreadsheet, or a word document.  Whichever method you use, the qualifier is to follow through habitually.  You will accomplish far more in less time.  Make it a New Year resolution to set a regimen for yourself that you know will work. 

Sales Tips: How Do You Handle Productivity Issues?

  1. Free your mind with music or exercise
  2. Enjoy the moments in time
  3. Pay attention to the ideas coming to mind
  4. Consider if an unusual thought may work
  5. Upon ending the moment of freedom, jot down associated ideas
  6. Prioritize the thoughts that will give momentum to projects
  7. Add in the associated elements for the task ahead
  8. Can you include other strategies to make the idea more robust?
  9. Revise your original plan to incorporate the new thought and smile.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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