How Can Financial Advisors Meet Contacts Without Contact?

How do you meet contacts without contact?  

Everyone checks their email. Monday morning I get an email that says” I am interested in your coaching programs, thanks.” While I am happy to get that type of email, it got me thinking, where did they find out about me, and what programs? What sort of activity did I do to in order to generate that type of response? This is an example of contacts without contact.

How did I attract them? 

I have engaged them online. This might have been done through a webinar I delivered to a company or organization. It might have been a webinar I delivered with a strategic partner inviting a group of people. It might have been a blog, video, or online offer. Do your clients know you offer webinars? I am getting calls asking me to deliver webinars to all types of financial firms. As a financial advisor start letting your clients and centers of influence know you offer to speak to their organizations or groups. Do your clients know you offer to speak to their groups, clubs, associations, or company? As a financial advisor, I got in front of all kinds of retired groups who are always looking for speakers. Imagine if you delivered a speech online through your client's groups? Then while speaking offering something valuable to engage them. One example I always use for financial advisors is offering to people the “Ultimate estate planning checklist” If you have 5 minutes and want to demo this tool, simply click on my link: If you want to begin sharing this tool with your clients and prospects reply to this email and enter “More Information Please" in the Subject Line —that’s it.

What else can you offer? 

First off, you offered to all your ideal clients speaking. Second, you can offer to join a webinar. If you are not doing webinars, then read my blog on why webinars are a great excuse for activity and connecting with people. 

How can you attract more as a financial advisor?  

What are your offers to connect? This advisor who sent me an email about my coaching program probably got one of my offers. One offer is my ebook on practice management. Another offer is an 11-page prospecting checklist Each offer has a link to my website which has video and information about what we do. I am sure they checked me out. Does your website answer the key questions prospects have? Does it have any offers? Put your offers in writing by having a checklist, guide, or estate planning checklist like the “Willing Wisdom Index”. ( always compliance and branch manager approved of course) As Jim Rohn says” All of the possibilities are there, by working on the philosophy that success is something you attract. I have always said ”the more value you give, the more valuable you become” What can you give to become valuable? Is it tangible, in writing or is it just words and questions?

Most financial advisors do not have offers in writing 

We have all read that financial advisors should have a value proposition. Is a value proposition valuable? If there are things in your value proposition that make it valuable such as a fee audit or beneficiary audit, then it can become another valuable offer. Most value promises are just another marketing piece with nice pictures talking about your wonderful process. I don’t get value out of your process, I get value out of your offers. What are your verbal offers and what are your tangible offers? Here is some tangible offers to consider:

A valuable checklist – estate planning or similar people can sign up for?

An ebook or guide to helping people know what they don’t know that they can sign up for?

An online engagement tool for people to sign up for?

A webinar for people to sign up for?  

An introduction from your network of professionals?

Valuable content through blogs, video’s or Linkedin with engaging offers as a call to action- see below

What are your attractive offers?  

The key is something valuable they can sign up for. Most offers are not valuable to ideal prospects and don’t benefit them. What can your ideal or HNW clients sign up for that will be valuable to them? How can you meet contacts without contact? Keep it simple but make it valuable. The more value you give your audience, the more valuable you become, through attractive offers.

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