How Advisors Can Recalibrate Now for Future Success

Wow! Congratulations! An Olympic medal! Phenomenal performance!

Thinking back to a little over a year ago, the Olympics get postponed. Tell me, how did you feel then? What did you do? And how do you feel now?

These are the very questions you’re going to hear athletes asked in July of 2021 because the Tokyo Olympics have been moved to a little over a year away, next year.

Right now these are the kind of sound bites that journalists are trying to get from athletes who they think will win medals. They’re out calling them, talking with them as much as possible right now, saying, “How do you feel? How are you handling this? How are you prepping and planning?” So the athlete has to have in their mind exactly what it is they’re going to do next and how they’re going to respond.

Right now there are a load of officials from all different sporting codes who are now trying to find new international meets for maybe February, March next year. The entire schedule has changed for athletes. They’re having to program in new travel. They’re having to figure out exactly what NCAA competition’s going to look like. There’s a whole raft of other activities that are happening for the athlete.

Do you know how much the athlete is involved in all of those [activities]? They’re not. They’re focused on one thing now: recalibrating – looking at the job that has to be done and getting on with it, day by day. That’s what the successful athletes who you’ll see interviewed next year are doing right now. Maybe for some, it’s taking a break and coming back a little fresher in a couple of weeks. Who knows? But those are the decisions that are happening right now.

Now we’ve finished Q1 of 2020. It’s in the books. It’s done. We’ve got the next ninety days to recalibrate and reframe exactly where it is you want to get to by the end of Q2. There’s been a lot of turmoil. We all understand what’s happening with the virus that the globe is experiencing, but, nevertheless, that doesn’t give you an excuse for not now formulating where it is you want to be June 30th this year.

So you need to take stock of where you’re at, look at the changes that are going on around you and understand how to adapt most effectively. The successful advisors who look back on this time in the middle of 2021 are going to be doing just that right now – adapting, changing. Maybe getting more comfortable using tech. Maybe getting more comfortable using Zoom when they’re talking with clients. Maybe getting more adept at articulating an email, but recognizing now, more than ever, it’s the voice and the face that really make a difference (and learning how to do that short and sweet.) There’s a raft of different opportunities for advisors right now.


1. Understand that 2021, this time April second next year, is going to come around very quickly.

2. The people who are most successful then are going to be the ones that formulate a proper plan right now and follow it.

3. Following it means just taking it day by day by day.

So, imagine you’re an advisor on April the second, 2021. I come to you, and I’m saying, “Phenomenal job! Your best year yet! Tell me, how did you feel this time last year, when the virus was going global? Secondly, what did you differently? And thirdly, how does it feel right now that you have succeeded past your wildest imagination?”

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